Love, Joleen: What You Need and How to Pack an Emergency Stroller Kit for Disney

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

What You Need and How to Pack an Emergency Stroller Kit for Disney

It's no secret that we love visiting Disney! It's a dream of ours to visit every Disney Park around the world. Since our first family trip to Disneyland when Benjamin turned 2, to our most recent visit to Walt Disney World in February, this stroller has been with us through countless Disney miles. After so many visits, we've pretty much got our packing system down. For those of you planning your first visit to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, I've compiled this list of what you need and how to pack an emergency stroller kit for Disney. 
First of all, it should go without saying that I highly recommend utilizing a stroller for as long as you possibly can! I sometimes hit 20k steps on an active Disney day and that would be really hard to do with a little one without a stroller. It allows our kiddo to rest and even nap, and also serves to carry things for us. To date, we've always traveled with our own umbrella stroller, since you can check a stroller for free on most airlines. However, should you not want to travel with one, Disney does offer a great rental service at every Disney park!

I purchased this adorable, customized "Stroller Spotter" on Etsy. This is totally optional but it really does make spotting our stroller easier in a crowd of parked strollers. There is designated stroller parking throughout every park. Occasionally, Cast Members have to move your stroller a bit, and this has helped us to find our stroller easily in that situation as well.
Before you are able to walk into any Disney park, a Cast Member will look through your belongs. This includes anything you might have stored in the stroller. Having a bag like this, makes it easy and quick to pull out, look through, and put back under the stroller seat, before walking through. 
I am a huge fan of the TravelWise Packing Cube System, which is a 5-piece luggage organizer set. We have two sets in different colors and they're life changing in terms of packing for vacation. I've honestly never felt more organized than packing for a Disney trip with these! Pictured here is one of the two medium packing cubes included. It's the perfect size for under our stroller and fits everything we need. 
Here's what you need in an emergency stroller kit for Disney (and a few things you might just like to have):
  • Universal Waterproof Umbrella Stroller Cover and Pack of 6 Disposable Rain Ponchos. In my lifetime I've experienced rainy days at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and have still had a blast at both! Even if you don't see it in the forecast, it doesn't hurt to be prepared, especially at WDW, and you'll save a ton of money should you need them. They're disposable but come in a tiny bag if you want to hang on to it after it dries.

  • Bandaids (also essential oils or anything you would normally use to treat a minor scrape or blister)

  • Disney pins for trading. We keep our trades on a separate lanyard than our "keeps". Here are my tips for Disney pin trading for beginners! If you plan on pin trading, get this mini storage case with locking pin backs for your keepers and a pack of these pin backs for your traders. In the picture, our pins are in that Minnie Mouse "Dots are Hot!" tin.

  • Hand/face wipes for cleaning up sticky messes from all those yummy Disney treats!

  • Lens (and Electronics) Cleaning Wipes. We swear by these. We use them for our iPhones, iPad, camera lenses, glasses, sunnies, etc. I like to throw a few in this bag just in case. You can get a big box on Amazon and I've also seen a small pack of them available at the Dollar Tree.

  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen! These are long days to be without sun protection and sometimes you're offered limited shade. We use Alba Botanica Hawaiian Coconut Spray Sunscreen. I use Miami Gorgeous sunscreen stick for my face and Babyganics Pure Mineral sunscreen stick for my son's.

  • Glow Sticks and Bubble Solution. Hit up the dollar store or Target for this! Bubbles are a great way to kill time in line or waiting for the parade to start. If you splurge on a bubble souvenir, bringing your own solution will save you money so you don't have to purchase refills. Every kid is wanting a glow in the dark souvenir once the sun goes down! I purchased enough for our entire tripglow necklaces, sword, bracelets, for about $10!

  • Extra Magic Bands at your own risk. We have a purchased set of Magic Bands, but when you stay at a Disney Resort, they also give you a set. I am so glad we had our extra set packed in the stroller because we had one fall off and would have either missed using our last Fast Pass or would have had to purchase another band at the park.

  • Medication and Motion Sickness Relief. Don't forget any Rx meds you're taking or might need in case of an emergency. Ibuprofen is always good to have on hand. We also bring Hyland's 4 Kids Natural Calm'n Restful tablets (for towards the end of fun) and Motion Sickness Relief tablets. If you think you might have issues with motion sickness, I highly recommend Gem Gem All Natural Ginger Candy. Oh my goodness! So good. I didn't have any in the photo because I've eaten them all!

  • Portable Phone Charger. Not pictured but HIGHLY recommended! My husband and I each have a Belkin Pocket Power Bank. As you can imagine or may know, we take a ton of photos and videos with our phones to share on Instagram, etc. These help extend the battery life significantly.

  • Empty grocery bags or ziplocks. 
In addition to everything mentioned above, you could also fit a child's windbreaker and change of clothes! A windbreaker or sweater is nice for the cooler evenings and a change of clothes is always useful when we're talking about kids, am I right? 
Having everything I need in case of an emergency, really allows me to enjoy myself at Disney. Things happen but you don't have to let it ruin the Disney Magic, and I hope you have the most magical time! Visit my Amazon Shop for everything I mentioned in this post and more! 

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