Love, Joleen: 5 Hacks Every Fashionista Should Know

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

5 Hacks Every Fashionista Should Know

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored guest post. 

Let’s get one thing straight here friends. I’m not one of those fashionistas who looks perfect 24/7 even though my Instagram might share otherwise  But in real life, I’m that girl that has a stained coffee spot right where everyone can see or sometimes leaving the house with no makeup and hair in a huge bun type morning. Yup, as you can see, this girl is a bit of a mess sometimes.

Can I blame being a mom of 2 children?! I mean I see a lot of moms who keep it looking classy all the time. How do you do it? Well today I’m going to be sharing some fashion hacks I’ve been keeping to myself. So if you’re a hot mess like me at times, you’ll need to grab a pen and paper to jot these down! And that 3rd cup of coffee we know you keep reheating. It’s cool.

  1. Toothbrush – One of the worst things I hate doing is getting a new pair of clean white shoes dirty. It’s inevitable I understand but I do have a fun trick to help you keep those shoes looking sparkly clean all the time. All you need is a toothbrush and toothpaste (preferably not the one you put in your mouth) No really! I grab a toothbrush and some of my trusted whitening toothpaste and get to scrubbing! I let them air dry overnight and in the morning, they look sparkling new again!
  2. Loose ZipperI admit it. I’ve thought my zipper was up and I was oh so wrong after a big meeting with a client. How embarrassing right? You could try not eating as much to loosen that zipper (or not) but let’s get practical and work with what we have! Here’s an easy trick to help! Get a keyring and loop it around your zipper pull. I actually save a few of these after I leave my auto shop because they attach a ticket to them (or you can purchase them as well). Pull up your zipper and hook the keyring around the button. All you need to do now is just button your pants! Easy peazy!
  3. Dryer Sheets – There is nothing worse than running out of the house and realizing you have deodorant marks all over that gorgeous black top. Am I right ladies?! I feel like nothing gets it out either!! Until — I tried using baby wipes (thank goodness I had a few in the car!). These little miracle works instantly get them out. Don’t have them? Try dryer sheets! I keep a few in my purse just in case. backlessdress.jpg
  4. Sewing In a BraNow I admit to not being the best sewer but desperate times can call for desperate measures! When I have a super cute backless dress to wear but need a little coverage, I find a bra that’s been discounted at a store and sew it into create the cups I need! It’s super simple actually thanks to having some great sewing machine tools from Sewing Machine. This website holds so many products for all your sewing needs including great name brand items like Brother and Floriani. I love that they are a one stop shop for me and anything I can think of or need! Plus, because they are a family run business, their customer service couldn’t make you feel like part of their family to help answer any questions or concerns!
  5. Get Rid of WrinklesI usually can be pretty good about taking that huge laundry pile of clothes and putting them away before they wrinkle. However, when I’m traveling it’s an entire different story to helping get those out! This steaming method is one I’ve actually used in college! While in the shower, close all the doors and windows to make sure the steam doesn’t get out. Hang whatever needs to be steamed from your shower rod. Take about a 15-20 minute shower to allow the steam to flatten out the wrinkles (this is where I take my time to shave and lather up with some great body wash *wink wink*)
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