Love, Joleen: The Best Way to Share Your Photos with Friends and Family this Holiday Season

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Best Way to Share Your Photos with Friends and Family this Holiday Season

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Share Your Photos. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Last weekend, my family and I headed to Duluth Town Green for the "Deck the Hall" Christmas Tree Lighting event. Downtown Duluth is my favorite part about living in this Atlanta suburb. As you can see from the photos, it's incredibly charming and picturesque. My family loves attending the holiday and seasonal family festivals hosted here, such as "Howl on the Green" for Halloween, the Duluth Fall Festival, and Duluth Celebrates America for the Fourth of July. We attend them all! 

First of all, the decor is spectacular, with many photo ops for selfies or making your kiddos say, "Cheese!" Since we were unable to attend our friend's Ugly Sweater party the previous weekend, we rocked them to this. I tell ya, my family sure loves me. Haha! 

Possibly the best thing of all? Free family entertainment! The bounce houses cost but there were other things that didn't cost at all. Benjamin flipped for the "real" snow! We were slightly unprepared with our shoes but YOLO, right? 
We admired Santa from afar and took our own photo in his sled! We even caught a peek of inside City Hall, during the Open House, to admire the Christmas decorations and drink apple cider. Benjamin got a hoot out of the lady on stilts, thinking at first that she was really that tall! There were Christmas carolers and kid's choir performances. There was even tubing down a slide of ice  so fun! 
As you know, we love the holidays and as photographers, my husband and I especially love capturing our holiday memories and traditions in photos. Our family and friends live all over the country but we love sharing our memories with them in this way. I recently discovered Share Your Photos by the makers of Picture Keeper, and it's my new go-to app for photo sharing. 

Here are some things I love about the app:
  • You can create an event with a custom event ID or join someone else's event. Your event can be public or PIN-protected! Super easy to invite your friends or family. 
  • Upload to your gallery directly and easily from your phone or computer. Unlimited photo storage for FREE!
  • Download photos to your phone for FREE!
  • You can print photos and gifts straight from the app

So, I can easily upload all of our holiday adventures this season and let's say, my mom in California, wants to create a photo book for herself or print off our family selfie. All she'd have to do is download the free app and join my event "JoleensChristmasEvent". From there she can see all the photos, save, or print directly! Genius.

"Perfect for ANY event, ANY size, ANY time!" 
Another great way to use the app is for events with lots of people. Say you're hosting an Ugly Sweater party and you want to see everyone's photos from the event. All you have to do is set up the event ahead of time (or after, if you'd rather) and shoot your guests a text, inviting them join. Anyone who "attends" an event on Share Your Photos can do exactly that! This makes it so easy to see everyone's photos from the party in one place! 
This is a game changer for photo sharing—not only for holiday parties but weddings, family reunions, sporting events, school and community activities, birthday parties, work functions, vacations, and so much more! Pictured above is a screenshot from the website, to show how easy it is to email your invitation, manually or by importing from Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. If your event is private, it'll give instructions for your PIN as well! 
RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to download the app for the holidays! I want you to join two fun events happening now! First, be sure to join JoleensChristmasEvent to see more photos from our fun weekend and more this season. I want you to be able to look around and check out how the app works! The next event you're going to want to join is MysteryGiveaway17! You will automatically be entered to win a mystery prize (TRUST ME -- YOU WANT IT!). There will be one winner and the last day to enter is December 31, 2017! Good luck! 
Download Share-Your-Photos now!

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