Love, Joleen: A Snowy Weekend in Atlanta

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Snowy Weekend in Atlanta

All last week we saw the snowflake on the forecast for Friday. That can mean a slew of things here in the Atlanta-area. Typically, it includes flurries in part of the city and likely an icy situation on the streets. We could not believe that we actually got a good amount of snow! Most of my friends said they had between 5" and 8", depending on where they were. It was honestly so beautiful! Here was the view from my bedroom window:

Stunning right? Like a postcard! Thursday night, in preparation, I laid out Benjamin's clothing and cold-weather gear, along with a note that said, "SNOW DAY". He woke up Friday incredibly excited. The wait wasn't easy, lemme tell ya! But by the afternoon, the dusting at turned to actual snow and we made it back outside for a little fun!  I never, ever want to forget the joy that this weekend brought my son, and therefore my self. 

 "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winnie the Pooh
Saturday afternoon, the sun was shining bright and the snow was melting fast. I went to McDaniel Farm Park for my last photo session of the year and it was still a winter wonderland! When I got home, I told the boys we had to go. 
 Benjamin had been wanting to build a snowman, so we brought along a carrot for the nose. 
 He says the snowman is a "lady" and looked just like me. Hahaha, I don't see it but okay! :)
As you can see, I didn't have gloves (Note to self: find them before traveling to St. Louis for Christmas!) so my hands were feeling like they were about to fall off! Still, we had time for one more snowball fight! I am so grateful to my husband for capturing our fun together. It's so rare that we moms are in photographs with our kids and I really wanted Benjamin to have these too! 
This weekend was pure JOY! Everything about it was perfect, and you and I both know how rare a statement like that can be made. The unexpected snow level and the fun that ensued was the permission I needed to give myself to... "LET IT GO!" We just played and enjoyed each other. There was minimal work and lots of family time. Church was wonderful Sunday and as I sat down to plan out my week with Benjamin, I took a good look at his memory verse from Sunday School. 
Isaiah 9:6 "God has given a son to us." 

Speaking to my heart as a believer and as the mother of a son.  Yes, He did. #soblessed
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