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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Preschool Theme: Noah's Ark

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The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, as the end of summer often is. We spent the first two weeks of school covering Creation and God Made Me. I opted not to blog the second part because we didn't do much that was different than our first week, which I shared. This last week we studied Noah's Ark
Memory Verse: "Do not be afraid for I am with you." 
Isaiah 43:5
Text: Genesis 6-9. The Beginner's Bible pages 26-33; I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook pages 10-15
The Beginner's Bible Video: Noah's Ark
Letter: Nn
Skill: Scissors
Not pictured: The Animals Came Two by Two: The Story of Noah's Ark
Heading into the week, I put in a request at the library for just about every Noah's Ark book I could get my hands on. We started with the book on the bottom left, Noah and the Mighty Ark, which is pretty straight forward and read it again through the Bible storybook. The others (besides the Nn book - our letter this week) were options for Benjamin and I to read at any time, should he so choose.
On Tuesday Benjamin participated in his first Preschool Adventure program at Autrey Mill Nature Preserve. I signed him up for all of the September nature classes as our weekly nature day. It was our first time at the nature preserve and we both really enjoyed it. It was the first class of the season so attendance was on the lower end (5 kids) but there is only a 10 child max, which I like for him.
This week's theme was "neat feet". They learned about different animal feet (even making their own plaster cast of a foot print -- Benjamin chose an opossum) and the "foot" 12 inches makes. After the craft, storytime, and inside activities, we went outside where each child was given a ruler to measure what they could find and try to find things that were a foot long. Then they visited the visitor's center to see the animals (and their feet) there before ending outside where they had an opportunity to feed the resident chickens, ducks, and bunny.
The class was about an hour long and we both enjoyed it a lot. I was so happy to see Benjamin thrive in the small group atmosphere and he really liked his teacher. After the class we retrieved our packed lunch from the car and ate it together on the picnic table under the gazebo. Then the two of us set out on a short hike before we headed home. It was beautiful! I've got him signed up for the remaining classes this month and we're both looking forward to them.
After reading Noah's Ark in the Bible storybook, we read a couple of the other books. Benjamin loves painting with "Mommy's paints" so we brought those out. He painted a rainbow and a "really huge ark".
On the right, he drew a treasure map. That's not a sun, but sparkling treasure. Obviously. Hehe.
We got our first baby succulent this week! I'm pretty sure I'm the most excited.
It's not hard to find dead bugs this time of year. (Yikes.) We found these guys less than 20 feet from our front door and took them upstairs to investigate. Benjamin opted to draw the cicada in his art journal and I think he did a great job! I've been feeling super inspired to start trying to draw better myself. I picked up a journal just this weekend so that I can start practicing with him. I love looking at nature journals on IG!
Our apartment has its own trail and in fact, that was a selling point for me when we picked this place initially. It's about a mile long through a protected nature preserve. The most awesome thing about it? We almost always see deer! This time we saw two of them. The photo below is a bit shaky but I was trying not to use my flash. Other animals we've seen are turtles, squirrels, hawks, cardinals, and other birds. A neighbor told us there were once beavers in the creek but I'm not sure if that's true or not. We've never seen anything in the creek.
On this particular hike on the trail, we set out to make a journey stick like I saw here. We brought string and Benjamin's scissors, since that's the skill he was practicing this week, and he picked things along the way to tie to his stick. (I helped with that part.) It was a fun activity but one I think he'll enjoy more when he's able to tie things on himself. The best part about the hike was that he spotted the perfect walking stick for himself, almost straight off the bat! It's the perfect size and even has a handle.
We took the stick home and Benjamin painted it. IT LOOKS SO COOL!! I have to admit that I'm a little jealous. ;) I told him that next time we need to be on the lookout for a walking stick for Mommy that he can paint for me!
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