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Friday, May 13, 2016

Link Love

Happy Friday, friends! I hope this week has treated you well. It's been so crazy around here! Benjamin woke up sick on Monday and he's never really sick. Of course he would be sick when my parents had just flown in the day before for a very short trip! *eye roll* Thankfully, it was only bad for two days and he's been recovering since. He's only got the sniffles now but we still canceled our playdates/plans this week to be safe. I'm looking forward to this weekend! I'm finally getting my eyes checked out and I have two special photography sessions lined up. I thought it would be fun to head into this weekend with a little link love. Enjoy!
photo credit: Roxana B Photography via
photo credit: @bettinarlooney
  • I would LOVE a pair of these (or similar) fun Elina Linardaki sandals. Each pair is handcrafted in Greece.
photo credit: The Creativity Exchange
photo credit: Sugar & Cloth
  • Umm, yum!! I'll brb while I go make this Frosted Circus Animal Bark Recipe by Sugar & Cloth because HOW HAVE I LIVED WITHOUT THIS IN MY LIFE?! (Obviously this was made for me since it was originally published on my birthday thankyouverymuch.)
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