Love, Joleen: Planner Pals + Our First Planner Kit

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Planner Pals + Our First Planner Kit

If you've been around for a while, you know that Heather is one of my very best friends. We met in 2004 through an online mixed media group on Yahoo! and then in person within that first year. We hit it off from the very beginning and I consider her to be one of my sisters, truly. This photo was taken in 2008 I believe, in one of her visits down to Southern Cali to see me. Benjamin and I recently spent a week with her family in September and I brought all of my planning supplies with me. 

Heather and I have done many (!) art/crafty projects and collaborations over the years including many swaps and round robins. We even co-designed and published a successful mixed media art zine called Portals. That was our love-child for a while and I got so much gratification in participating in that project. This year, Heather's mom passed away and it's been heartbreaking to say the least. It's been especially hard living 3,000 miles apart. No longer can I drive up in less than half a day. For obvious reasons, Heather hasn't been feeding her creative muse in the last few months and so I really wanted to encourage her during our visit. I just know that being creative (for us both) can be so cathartic. It helps me personally get through my feelings of depression. I thought we could start with participating in The Reset Girl's #ListersGottaList challenge and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so fun staying up late, working on our lists together. 

I also shared with Heather, my planner and how the planner community is very much like any art community. It's a community! I had recently won two Kate Spade agendas which I had shipped directly to her house. I surprised her by leaving one of the two as a thank you/I love you when we left. By that point, though, she was already pretty hooked! We had picked up a planner together at the store and visited the craft stores several times while I was there. We started picking up extras with this idea to start a little shop together.
From that, Planner Pals was born. We first set up our Instagram account and we've just opened our Etsy shop! The whole idea behind Planner Pals is to offer other paper crafters, planners, list makers, etc. some of the goodies that we collect and create. We hand curate each collection and even create our own stickers! Our first kit is this November / fall-themed kit and it's available now! Below, are peeks at how Heather and I have used these products in our own planners and on some outgoing snail mail!

I'm looking forward to putting together more fun kits and product offerings in our shop. If there is something you'd like to see -- perhaps planner stickers of a certain theme or anything really -- don't hesitate to let me/us know! For an even better look and walk through of this kit, be sure to check out the video on YouTube and don't forget to subscribe for more fun videos!

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