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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October Festivities + Halloween

Ah, October. October was a bit of a blur, honestly. Most of you know that Benjamin and I were in California for most of September. The transition back [to Georgia and reality] wasn't a great/easy one. It took close to two weeks to get us both back on schedule and the lack of a routine in Cali has more or less killed naptime. I've still managed to hang on to an hour nap a few days a week but gone are the daily 3+ hour naps I had grown to count on. On top of that, I was hit with the blues. I don't know if it was the overwhelming feelings I felt by simply coming off vacation-mode, the homesickness I've been feeling since we got back, SAD, or what exactly, but the depression is real. I'm grateful for my family and core group of girlfriends who I was able to confide in during the thick of it. I really tried not to let it affect Benjamin and where I really just wanted to stay home and hibernate, I am glad that we got out and made memories together. I thought I'd share some of the fun things we did in October so here goes:
For the second year in a row, Benjamin's playgroup went to Warbington Farms pumpkin patch in Cumming, GA. Just for the record, this isn't really a pumpkin patch but they do offer fun festivities for the kids including a playground, petting zoo, and tractor ride. It was unseasonably warm this year!
We got together again with the kids for their Halloween playdate at the park in Roswell. The kids all came decked out in costume and it was the sweetest thing! I absolutely adore the group photos we've taken of these babies over the last 3+ years! Treasures.
Benjamin was a "construction worker" and I think his friends liked his tools, too. He took his work very seriously. ;)
My sweet husband agreed to dress in costume this year as well. Such a special memory for Benjamin to have his Daddy matching him. He's obsessed with diggers and the excavator is his favorite. When I saw this one left on a site over the weekend I asked the boys to hop in the car for a quick photoshoot. I love these photos! I love that it captures my son where he is and with something he currently loves so much. These photos will definitely be framed.
Friday night (the 30th) we met my friends Shawn and Julia and their families at Howl on the Green in Duluth. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and it was so fun! I've already talked to my husband about a family costume next year because it was so fun! The actual event was okay. We really enjoyed the 4th of July festivities there this summer and were excited to go. The food trucks made it definitely worth the outing!! Hello, Mac the Cheese truck! Ben and I got BBQ mac and spinach + artichoke mac 'n cheese, respectively. *drool* My one big disappointment was the children's area. It was in a dark corner of the Green and geared mostly toward older kids. Such a bummer. Seeing our friends was a blast, as always. I love these boys!
Growing up, my mom always made holidays special with little gifts for us to wake up to in our spot at the dining room table. This is a tradition I love carrying on and love putting together small treats for Benjamin at every opportunity.
If you've been following us for a while, you know that I have greatly enjoyed making Benjamin's Halloween costume every year [so far]! This year he wanted to be a Diver. He absolutely loves the aquarium so I was really excited to make this wish come true. It was a pretty simple costume and much less complicated that the "Benjamin" he was last year! Halloween morning we met up with Benjamin's best friend, B, at Southeastern Railway Museum for their trick-or-treat program.
After nap we took Benjamin to Georgia Aquarium for more trick-or-treating fun! (You can learn more about the aquarium through my Atlanta City Guide.) It was really fun for Benjamin to get to pose in front of the tanks and see the real divers on the inside. 

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