Love, Joleen: Exploring Ponce de Leon + Tiny Doors ATL

Monday, May 18, 2015

Exploring Ponce de Leon + Tiny Doors ATL

Saturday we had one of those days where the stars aligned and we not only had nice weather, with no rain, but no plans either! I know, I couldn't believe it either. It definitely called for a family day of exploring the city. I visited our Atlanta Bucket List and decided that we should visit Scott Antique Markets. I probably should have verified the hours/dates on the website before making the 40 minute trek. It would definitely have saved us a little time and gas, seeing as last weekend was the one weekend this month it was open. So, that's fun. Benjamin was completely unfazed though.
It no secret that Ben and I love visiting Living Walls installations, so we decided that we'd check out a mural I recently came across and fell in love with [on another Atlanta photog's blog]. We headed toward Ponce de Leon to visit Paris on Ponce [also on our list!].
As we neared our destination, we saw a vintage market taking place. We decided to grab lunch up the street and then walk over. It was in the lot right next to The Lucky Exchange, a buy/sell/trade shop of vintage wears (get it?). It was a one day pop-up shop, called Vintage Spring Fling, complete with a lemonade stand and the Taste Vintage, frozen custard truck! So fun.
Paris on Ponce, sits right on the BeltLine. People biking, walking, or running the BeltLine can step inside the huge warehouse doors to visit the walk-up juice bar for fresh juice or coffee, etc. It's a pretty sweet deal. It only took about 5 minutes to walk through the entire place, but I thoroughly enjoyed several of the displays! I adored this art installation [top right], and wanted just about everything in the fun Indian-inspired booth [bottom left]. I was especially fond of these huge hot pink curtain pulls for my someday-dream dressing room.
Outside was the real gem of the day. The artwork by Karl Addison was fantastic!! I'm only sharing part of it here. I posted a photo to Instagram sharing my favorite portion, but my plan is to go back and have Ben take photos of me with that as the backdrop, for the blog and my website. I cannot wait. These are my favorite colors!
The real surprise, though, was stumbling upon this teeny installment by Tiny Doors ATL. I first heard of this project about a month ago, through Facebook, and when I mentioned it to my husband [who runs @be_atlanta], he said he'd heard about it through #weloveatl. Needless to say, these tiny installations are causing quite a buzz, and we were beyond thrilled to quite literally trip upon one. I was stepping up this curb to photograph the wall of the building when I looked down and saw this. Immediately, I said, "Oh my goodness, Benjamin! Look at this tiny door!" It was only after then, that I realized it was a part of the project. The look on Benjamin's face says it all! Pure magic.
We had him knock on the door but he started to get disappointed when nobody answered. We told him that the fairies were probably asleep. I thought this was just so darn cute! I am sensing either our own 'lil Fairy Door or a DIY fairy door project in our future. We could all use a little daily whismy!

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