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Monday, November 17, 2014

Benjamin Turns TWO! | Mickey Mouse Birthday

I am positive I'll be exclaiming this every single year, but really, how is my kid [almost] two?! I stand by the saying that the days are long but the years are short! Since we will be in California during Benjamin's actual birthday this year (which falls on Thanksgiving day) and taking him to Disneyland during our visit, we decided to forgo the big birthday bash this year. We did want to celebrate him with our family here in Georgia, and a few of his little buddies.
On Saturday afternoon, we took him outside to get some birthday photos, which I would print to use as decorations at his party. Despite it being about 40 degrees, he was a trooper, and even allowed a quick outfit change! All in the name of cute photos right? *wink*
We decided to have our guests over for cake and ice cream on Sunday afternoon. I sent a few of our favorite birthday photos to be printed via one-hour photo. Since we live in an apartment and were expecting around 20 guests, I didn't want to go too crazy with the decorations. I ended up creating a birthday display on the mantle and then decorating the cake table.
See the "Benjamin's Clubhouse!" sign? I knew I was hoarding the sign board from the "Kissing Booth" mini sessions, for a reason! [The Bistro Chalk Marker is my favorite, by the way.] I made the red felt bunting for the "Peppermint + Hot Chocolate" mini sessions, knowing that I would use it again for Benjamin's party. The red "2's" that we used around the apartment [on the mantle, cake table, near the favors, and on the front door] were borrowed from a friend, who used them over the summer for her son's birthday party. They were perfect! See that super cute felt "B" hoop art? Katie, of Miss Tweedle Crafts, sent that to Benjamin for his new big boy room. I haven't had a chance to finish his room, much less share a reveal, so imagine my delight when I realized how perfectly it would go with the party decorations! Katie makes the sweetest hoop art and ornaments for her shop!! The finishing touch was this sweet Mickey Mouse. My nephew had a Mickey Mouse theme for his first birthday [see how cute he looked, below!! Gah!] a few years ago, and I texted my sister to see if we could borrow his Mickey for Benjamin's photos and party. I'm sort of a sentimental nut, so I really wanted to use the same actual doll. They were so sweet to gift it to Benjamin, who is just over the moon for it!
We used the same high chair that we used last year [and that I use for a lot of birthday photo sessions] for Benjamin's Vintage Storybook themed first birthday, that I recently painted red. We LOVE it red! I also took the hardware off so that he could use it more like a chair, although the top was resting on it in some of these photos. During the candle blowing portion of his party, he actually stood on it. Don't worry we held him. Ha!
I had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movies playing on silent on the background as we had music playing and everyone was talking. One of my favorite details of his photos and party was this sweet TWO/Mickey crown from Little Blue Olive. Obsessed.
The favors were simple -- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse buckets with a coloring book, crayons, cup, straw, bouncy ball, and self-inking stamp in each one.
I made Benjamin this "Birthday Boy" Mickey pin but after a couple of photos I took it off and attached it to one of frames near the cake, after I noticed it was weighing his shirt down a bit.
The best thing about the entire party was this AMAZING Mickey Mouse birthday cake, made by my friend, Lori, of Sugar Bair. She is so talented, isn't she?! I saw a cake similar to this on Instagram a while back and she blew me away with her rendition. How great is "BENJAMIN"? The font is perfect!! A lot of times, fancy cakes [or cookies, etc.] don't taste nearly as good as they look, but this wasn't one of those times. We literally had guests thanking us for inviting them just so they could experience the cake. Haha! I will never order a cake from another baker, as long as we're both living in the Atlanta area!!
In true to TWO-year-old fashion, our attempt to get a group photo of Benjamin with his buddies, Ian, Croy, and Huddy, was not happening. I still love this photo and the three of them looking at him like, "Don't you know you get a sucker?"
Despite the look on his face in this last photo, Benjamin had a GREAT time yesterday! He had so much fun with his friends and family. I'm so glad we were able to do something for him here, and grateful to everyone who came to celebrate him!  
Just like last year [with #benjaminturnsone], I posted a sign for guests to share their photos with a  hashtag. This year's is #benjaminturnstwo. My plan is to use this hashtag through all of his birthday festivities this year so we can find/look back on them easily. So fun!

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