Love, Joleen: The 45x45 Project on the Atlanta BeltLine

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The 45x45 Project on the Atlanta BeltLine

"45 X 45 is a wheat paste mural and community photography project in which 45 Atlanta photographers took portraits of 45 Atlanta residents – each from one of the 45 neighborhoods connected by the Beltline – which were then displayed on a large scale mural installation on the one trail that connects them all." - 45 x 45 Project

A couple of months ago, Ben was contacted by #weloveatl about a new collaboration with The INSIDE OUT Project, and Art on the BeltLine, and asked to be a part of it. He was then assigned one of the 45 neighborhoods connected by the BeltLine and asked to photograph one resident living there, and to share his/her story. 

Here was his contribution to the project:
"The neighborhood of Peachtree Park is a hidden treasure in the heart of Buckhead. One of its residents, Jean Robertson, is the crown jewel of both her neighborhood and the city of Atlanta. Jean moved to Peachtree Park around 1959 with her husband, and they fell in love with the neighborhood immediately. Jean was one of the first people to walk the Atlanta Beltline with Ryan Gravel, who originally developed the idea as a master’s thesis while at Georgia Tech in 1999. 

Jean is originally from Charlottesville, VA, but after only a few minutes of talking to her, you’ll realize she has lived and traveled all over the world. She once lived in Algeria, where she worked for the USIS and learned to speak both French and Arabic. She later went on to teach French at Pace Academy in Buckhead. Jean is very active in her community and was one of the original board members of Peachtree Park. She told me an amazing story about how she used to ride her horse in the neighborhood before the Georgia 400 interchange was constructed. Jean still enjoys horseback riding, and plays tennis on a regular basis as well. She has four children and five grandchildren."
I'm always so proud of my husband and his creative endeavors, both in his writing and photography. I've loved watching him flourish as a street photographer for his Atlanta-based account @be_atlanta over the last year and in the awesome opportunities granted him by #weloveatl in particular. I love that we share this hobby, because even though our style or preferences often differs [mostly in post processing], we can encourage and appreciate each others' art. I also enjoy the experience because my work is displayed in people's homes and his is often shared in public. What we do with the camera is totally different and our experiences getting out there to see things together and to "capture" it, is something I truly treasure.
Benjamin is proud of his daddy, too!

If you live in the Atlanta area and find yourself downtown, I definitely encourage you to drive around a bit and check out all the amazing artwork. There is so much talent in this city! I thought the 45 x 45 Project was fantastic and if you're able to get out of your car to take a closer look at each photograph, I recommend you do so. You won't be disappointed!

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