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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Toddler Activity: Nature Sorting Box by The Little Things Blog

Hi there!  I'm Kelly and I blog over at The Little Things Blog.  I'm so thrilled to be here on Love, Joleen for a fun and easy tot activity.

I love to explore with my son, Gavin (aka Mr. G), and he loves it too.  Lately, we've taken to walking through the park and picking up little treasures here and there, his favorites usually being rocks.  This gave me a fun idea to add a bit of learning to the exploring fun.  I took an old shoe box of his and turned it into a "nature sorting box".  Here's how to do it.

What You'll Need: Shoe Box, Cardstock, Small Nature Pictures

Cut the cardstock to fit the inside of the box in a few places, this will make the dividers.  I didn't use actual measurements, just kept cutting and folding until everything fit and then glued them to the inside of the box.  Next, glue your pictures into the different spaces for sorting.  I found some images by google searching and printed them out very small so they would fit inside the sections.  

Now go for a walk!  We brought a gallon sized Ziploc bag to collect everything and, of course, our magnifying glass.  We even met a playful butterfly!  Mr. G was thrilled!  After much exploring and collecting, we sat down in a shady spot to dump out our findings.  

I showed Mr. G the different sections and when he picked up something I would ask him,"Where do the ________s go?" and he would find the correct section and place it inside.  After a couple of those questions, he was off to the races!  He loved placing each item in its spot and he got each one right!  

He would tell me, "This is a stick!" and place it right where it belonged.  He loves his little nature box so much he even plays with it at home along side his toys.  This also means there are some missing acorns around here somewhere!

XO, Kelly

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