Love, Joleen: Checking In: Four Month Progress

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Checking In: Four Month Progress

Today marks four months since I started this thing called "healthy living". Healthy living can mean a lot of different things to different people. For me, it's meant incorporating essential oils into my daily life, mostly clean eating (with 6 weeks of a strict, Whole30 diet) and working out. For those of you following my fit account on Instagram, you know that I hit a slump a few weeks ago and gave up completely for 3 weeks. I wrote all about it, here. Monday was my first day back in the gym [photo, above]. I felt great after going, but I haven't been back since. I'm trying to get caught up with work and my evenings seem to fly by at warp speed. I'm going to try to go tonight to make up for missing yesterday. I feel such a difference in my energy level when I'm not exercising and eating right. I'm starting another round of Whole30 on the 18th. I'm nervous that it's going to be a rough start, since I'll basically be starting over, but I welcome the changes that I know will come with it! 
Before my "hiatus", I wasn't sure which results could be attributed to clean eating, and which to regular exercise. Here's what I've discovered: Abs absolutely happen in the kitchen. I've heard this saying before, and now I know it's true. My measurements this morning compared to one month ago showed gains all in my middle. Also, while I haven't worked out, I still continued to lose weight, and I'm going to venture to say that it's been muscle that I've lost. In an attempt to abstain from injury on Monday, I had to lower all of my weights back down, and I am trying not to feel too discouraged about that. I'm hoping what I've heard about muscle memory is true, and I'll be back to my fighting self in no time. It's still pretty hard not to be over-the-moon ecstatic by these "4 month results": 18 pounds and 19 all-over inches lost! [This brings me to 48.2 lbs lost from my all-time high of 201 pounds.]
I've officially hit the size and weight that I have always been most "comfortable" at and the "me" that I always seem to measure myself against. Although my body has obviously changed, this is more or less, the size I was when I graduated high school 13 years ago! My goal in this journey is to be my healthiest and fittest self. I'm not working for "skinny", but for fit. I want to challenge my body to do things I've never done before and to prepare for an even healthier pregnancy the next time around, should I be so blessed.

Last month I registered for the Down & Dirty Obstacle Race here in Atlanta. I was so excited to have my first mud run sponsored by Lara Bar (which I love -- yum!). The race is in October and my best friend, Candice, is flying out from California to do it with me! We've started a team with a few other people as well. With only 9.5 weeks to prepare, it's time for me to step up my fitness game!

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