Love, Joleen: PaperKrane Bibdanas Review

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

PaperKrane Bibdanas Review

Yesterday it was 5 degrees outside when we woke up. Five. In "Hotlanta". Now I realize that most of you have experienced far colder climates but I'm from Southern California, where it's considered freezing if it dips below 40. Needless to say, we were hibernating. We kept the thermostat set at a comfortable 75 degrees and dressed for Spring.
If you look closely you can see accumulated condensation on the windowsill. Ha! You're probably also wondering why all my photos of late are in the same corner of our bedroom. The answer is simple -- the lighting! It's so gorgeous and I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I don't care what kind of crazy face my kid is making, I'm always going to love photographing him in and out of the shadows. Love, love.

You know what I also love? (Cheesy segues? No..) These absolutely adorable "bibdanas" from PaperKrane! Are you kidding me with this cuteness? We received the loveliest gift from Kate (the creative mind/hands behind PK) upon arriving back in Atlanta after our Christmas in the Lou. She sent Benjamin a new pair of booties and two of her new bibdanas. I have to tell you, these are the best. I would never just say that either. Here's what I love about them:
  • Great prints - They're unique and contemporary.
  • Soft fabrics - If nothing else these bibs are so soft and absorbent!
  • Perfect size - Bibs have a job to do and although "bibdanas" are all the [new] rage among the hipster-clad tots, I'd rather a big 'ole plastic bib any day over a teeny bit of triangle that doesn't cut it. I love that this bib is both cute and functional. It's a great size for infants/toddlers and has two snaps in the back for extended wear. Benjamin is comfortable wearing them and has yet to tug on them for me to take off.
*Non-disclosure: Bibdanas c/o PaperKrane in order to review. 

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