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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Guest Blogger: Too Scoop Kids | Blog Shop

Hi There Love, Joleen Readers! My name is Lysi and I am a blogger, event stylist, and co-creator of Too Scoops Kids & Too Scoops Events. I am originally from Atlanta, GA but I currently live in New York City.

A few months ago I had an awesome opportunity to attend Blog Shop; a 2 day Photoshop course for bloggers. Since launching TSK in August of 2012, I have been on a mission to learn and perfect the super complex software known as Photoshop. I bought books and watched tutorials on YouTube but I never quite found what I was looking for. What I was searching for was the answer to the question, "How do I make my blog look pretty?" 

When I came across Bri and Angela's course I knew this was it! But, I didn't jump on it right away because it was quite an investment. Finally, I realized that's exactly what it is, an investment. After reading the books, time spent watching tutorials and money spent paying graphic designers, I realized I had already spent the Blog Shop tuition and more. 

I won't lie, I'm not one of those "show me one time and I got it" students, therefore, while I was super excited I was also a little nervous about what I would walk away with. I was hoping that this 2 day "Photoshop Boot Camp" would not be filled with seasoned "photoshopers", going a hundred miles and hour leaving me in the dust. Surprisingly, it was nothing like that. Not only was the class mixed with novice and experienced students, Angela and Bri made sure each subject was clear to every student before moving forward, while interns walked the room to assist as well. 

Beautiful decor, an adorable bag filled with goodies, a handbook and USB with lessons, a portrait session, delicious lunches and snacks combined with tasty MIMOSAS, made the class informative and enjoyable. 

My overall opinion...Blog Shop is a MUST! Not only for bloggers but also for anyone with an online presence. The course was worth every penny and not a day has gone by that I do not utilize the tools I learned at Blog Shop. Recently, I received an email announcing "Blog Shop at Home", an online version of the course. So if Bri and Angela aren't coming to your city anytime soon, or the in-person class is out of your budget you can still log on and learn Photoshop from home.
Thanks for having me! Get the scoop on Fashion, Fun, & Family at Too Scoops Kids.
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