Love, Joleen: The Day Benjamin Was Born

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Day Benjamin Was Born

Tomorrow is Benjamin's first birthday. In so many ways I feel this last year has stretched across time. My life will forever be measured against the day I became a mother, and I don't really remember how it felt to be me, before him. Benjamin has blessed our lives in innumerable ways. As this day has drawn nearer, I've been so emotional! Tonight, believe it our not, was the first time I even looked at all the photos from the day Benjamin was born (and those days in the hospital afterward). I sat, scrolling through them, with tears streaming down my face and happiness in my heart. I thought I'd share a few of them here that you haven't seen. If you're interested in Benjamin's Hypnobirthing story, you can find it, along with additional photos here.
My mother; my birth companion. (She's also a Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner!)
My first moments as Mama.

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