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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Guest Blogger: Mae of The Life of a Compulsive Crafter | Vintage Birthday Dress Tutorial

It's hard to believe it, but Benjamin's first birthday is quickly approaching! His actual birthday is November 27th but we'll be celebrating on the 9th, which is just over one month away. I know all to well how quickly this month is going to go! My friend, Chanel, has graciously offered up her home to host Benjamin's party and yesterday a couple of our other friends met me there to discuss all the party details. This is going to be the first real party I've ever planned/hosted and I'm so excited and super anxious about it. I know that Benjamin won't remember but I still want it to be special and to have lots of great stories and photos to share with him as he gets older. We've been to so many amazing first birthday parties this year, so there is also that little bit of [self induced] pressure to "measure up". Yikes. Still, I love the theme we've chosen and how everything is turning out! I hope you won't mind if Love, Joleen becomes a little "first birthday" obsessed this month! I have lots of great posts and guest bloggers lined up! I thought we'd kick things off with my SUPER talented friend, Mae, and her adorable Vintage Birthday Dress Tutorial. So cute! Perfect for any sweet, little party goer! (Benjamin needs a matching bow tie.)


My name is Mae and I blog over at The Life of A Compulsive Crafter. I'm really excited to be back guest blogging on Love, Joleen. I've been following this amazing mommy-baby team for quite some time and have enjoyed seeing all of the cool baby goodness she posts when discussing her son Ben. My son is nearly the same age, so we seem to experience the trials & triumphs in unison!

For her son's birthday party she's been posting some amazing vintage goodness on Instagram
(Yeah, I follow her there too & so should you!)
Well, it just so happened that my niece is turning 4 this month & I was pulled toward an awesome vintage Beatrix Potter fabric sitting in my stash.
I'm not going to lie, this draw could have been a direct result of cute Instagram photos via Joleen. 
& here it is! The Vintage Birthday Dress. 
My sister said my niece is super into PINK & dresses. So, I pulled the pink from the flowers with another vintage pink linen I had on hand. 
I've recently used this linen for "The Bubblegum Saffron" dress made for Project Run & Play Challenge 2 (the candy challenge). 
I'm sad to say the fabric has diminished to small scraps. 
So this dress was it's last hoorah & I think it's done well.
To see more of the clothing I create, stop by my blog!

Thanks so much for asking me to visit Joleen! & Happy Birthday Benjamin!

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