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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Guest Blogger: Lauren of Progeny | My Favorite Things: Littles Edition

Hello! I'm Lauren.

I'm new at mothering (see here), blogging (here), and cooking (I have nothing impressive to show you). I'm adept at wifing, writing (day job is grant-writing), flower arranging (stay tuned on the blog), and shopping (see here, here, here). I love dry shampoo, Young & the Restless, and  large globes of Sauvignon Blanc.

This is me and my little L.  Her sass and style (she already chooses her clothes @ 17 months) inspired me to start a blog and a business. We work well together for the most part. Though she's been a total micro-manager lately. Sheesh. Toddlers.

You know that old saying, "if you want something done, ask a busy person" - well, that person would be me right now. So, far nothing HUGE has fallen through the cracks, but I suppose falling through cracks is for little stuff, like dusting the house...or washing my hair (definitely not getting done). It wasn't until I became a full-time working mom that I was like - hey Lauren - let's start a blog and a small business!  That sounds fun! And it has been. Except for this super awesome government shutdown nonsense...because now the IRS/Congress/Dr. Evil + Frau are holding my EIN and a nice-size tax refund (we are infamous 1040 extension filers) hostage! Good times.

So, while I wait to start this next chapter in my life - a beautiful, eclectic, you'll-want-to-live in-it, children's specialty store in Raleigh, NC (+ online) with clothing, toys, furniture, soft things (bedding, pillows, etc.) - I will share with you a few of my new FAVORITE THINGS {littles edition}. These are but a few nuggets of the goodness I hope to carry at PROGENY.   ENJOY! 

GINGIBER  :: adorable pillows, prints, etc.

KIDFOLK  ::  gorgeous blankets, pillows, clothing

MISS J HANDMADE  ::  headbands, bows, leggings

 FABLE BABY  ::  hand-knitted sweaters + pants + onesies 

IMAGINATION KIDS  ::   wooden toys

And...Thank You, Joleen, for welcoming me into this world of moms who blog and are doing an amazing balancing act of raising littles, churning out creative products, and just being awesome on a daily basis by keeping it all together. Cause it's HARD! I cheers my large globe of wine to all of you.

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