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Friday, October 18, 2013

Guest Blogger: Everything Emily | DIY Ghost Garland

Hi Love, Joleen readers! I'm Emily of Everything Emily... A lifestyle blog where I share a little bit of everything! First off I would like to thank Joleen for having me! I'm so thrilled to be guest posting on Love, Joleen. Today I'm sharing a little diy ghost garland project that is perfect for the Halloween season! Very easy to make and I spent less than $5 on the entire project!
I have a chalkboard wall in our home that I always try to decorate for the holidays... We don't have a fireplace mantel or even a fireplace so I guess you could say this my little holiday decorating space. After doodling up my little "Happy Halloween" the wall was missing something. I seen some adorable garland on Etsy, but not exactly what I was looking for so that's when this brilliant idea to make ghost garland popped up in my brain...

Here's the How To!

What you will need:
White Yarn

1. Cut the strips of the yarn to the thickness and length you want the ghost.
2. Fold the yarn over... You will start to see a ghost like shape.
3. Cut a small strip of yarn and lay your ghost on top of it.
4. Tie the small piece of yarn around your ghost.
5. Trim your ghost to the desired length you would like them.
6. Cut a stip of yarn the length you want your garland and thread it through the small hole in your ghost.
7. Tie the ghost to the garland using the garland string.. if that makes sense.. this will hold your ghost in place.
8. Lastly fluff your ghost, repeat until you finish your garland, and hang!
Pretty easy huh? For more DIY post you can follow my blog Everything Emily! Thank you Joleen for having me!!!

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