Love, Joleen: Merrily Merrily Merrily a TrulySanctuary Review + Giveaway

Monday, September 9, 2013

Merrily Merrily Merrily a TrulySanctuary Review + Giveaway

A few days ago we received a package from our friends [and sponsors] at TrulySanctuary. Mail day with TrulySanctuary is always a fun day and I was so excited to see everything they'd sent us! With no plans for the day (the best kind of Sundays) we made a spur of the moment decision to explore downtown [Atlanta] after Benjamin's morning nap. Discovering and exploring parts of the city is one of our favorite things to do as a family and we thought we'd take the opportunity to track down some cool street art and photograph our new duds. First, we had to stop by Daddy's car for his sunglasses and then we were on our way!
Ben wanted to start where he'd been the previous day when going to his barbershop because he knew I would love it. We parked in a lot at the corner of Broad Street & Mitchell Street SW where both the walls above and below can be found. There is another awesome wall across the street that looks a lot like the one I photographed at Piedmont Park this summer but we didn't photograph it because there were a lot of people out front. I wish I could make out what the text says over this flag. Does anyone know? I just found out it's the names of the people the artist met in the neighborhood. Now that is cool.
Remember Benjamin's B is for Bike tee I shared in last month's sponsor highlight? Well, now my Benjamin's can be twinsies! Heh. I have never seen these camo shorts on Ben before this and love it paired with the grey Men's B is for Bike tee he's rocking. It's now officially my favorite [casual] outfit he owns. If you read my first review of TrulySanctuary then you know these shirts are the softest. Ever. Both Ben and I love wearing them. They're definitely my favorite for sure. The fit is great and true to size; Ben and I both wear a men's large. So yay, more for me! I mean...
Benjamin received the Salty Sea Captain toddler tee which we paired with some skinny jeans and moccs. He usually wears colorful shirts and I love how classic this white tee looks on him. He stood up against this wall for a long time while we photographed him and he was so proud of himself for it! He's so dang cute, I can hardly stand it! In the last week he has become a bit of a walker and I'm convinced he'll have it mastered by 10 months. He's attempting steps at every opportunity! He looks like a toddler, though, and I just want to freeze time for a little while longer..
After I took photos of the boys we decided to walk around a few blocks before getting in the car to travel four more miles to our next destination. Benjamin held onto his daddy's hat for safe keeping, of course. We were absolutely giddy when we stumbled upon this gigantic crocodile. It was incredible! I couldn't even fit it in my camera frame straight on from across the street and had to walk back up and angle my camera in order to fit the entire thing. In hindsight (dang it!) I wish I had later joined Ben on the other side of the street to get some detailed shots. Ah, well... another time.
It turns out that these walls and others are a part of a street art movement called Living Walls Atlanta. The awesome thing about this website is that they've included a map (yes!) to each of the walls so that we can visit them purposefully. I can't wait to sit down with Ben and decide where we're going to visit next!
It was really hot out so I was anxious to get back in the car for some air conditioning and drive over to our next location which included ice cream sorbet! This next location was my opportunity to take Ben somewhere that was new to him and I took him to a favorite meeting spot of mine - Jake's Ice Cream in Irwin Street Market. Across the street from the ice cream parlor is this amazing wall painting of koi fish that I've been dying to photograph. Ben and I thought this would be the perfect location to photograph me in my new Unisex Life is But a Dream tank.

This was my first experience with a TrulySanctuary [unisex] tank. I'm not sure if the actual shirt is by the same maker [as the adult tees] but it was also quite soft and comfortable to wear. The print is adorable and I'm excited to be able to match Benjamin too. What can I say? I like matching my kid. Here's the thing about this tank, though. It's cute, I love it, I'll wear it again but I won't wear it without a cardigan. I can't tell you how it fits women with.. other bust sizes.. but I don't really feel that this is a flattering fit when I'm wearing it by itself. The large armholes make it seem masculine. I tried it on with a spaghetti strap tank underneath and I imagine it would be cute on a tiny girl wearing a bando, but with my um, larger bust, the arm holes are extended outward. Basically, you would see awholelotta sideboob and we can't have that, thankyouverymuch. Enter cardigan. Which I wear nearly everyday anyway and have in a gazillian colors. A cardigan makes this look a whole lot more feminine which is good, since I'm a girl and all.
Days spent like this one are my most treasured days. I love being with my family and thoroughly enjoy exploring this city. Big cities have always been interesting and beautiful to me in so many ways. I love that Ben thinks so many of the same things are worth documenting and remembering. He's recently started the Instagram account be_atlanta where he posts his Atlanta street photography. All of the photographs he posts are taken with his iPhone and I wanted to share a few from our day here.
Believe it or not there is a Part II to this day and TrulySanctuary goodness so stayed tuned for that in a couple of days! For now I leave you with the exciting news that they're offering TWO Love, Joleen readers their own favorite TrulySanctuary tee!! One winner will be selected here on the blog and the other on Instagram (go check it out!). What are you waiting for? Enter now! Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm EST Thursday, September 12th. Good luck!
*Non-disclosure: Unisex Life is But a Dream tank, Men's B is for Bike tee, and Salty Sea Captain toddler tee  c/o TrulySanctuary in order to review. Limited edition Mint moccasins c/o Freshly Picked.

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