Love, Joleen: Young Living Essential Oils Business Builder Income Opportunity

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Young Living Essential Oils Business Builder Income Opportunity

This is one of the most important blog posts I have ever written, and frankly, the scariest. We're going to talk about money, honey! You can bet I've got Valor on my wrists and over my heart right now, for courage! In the four-plus years I've been an Independent Distributor of Young Living, I've never openly discussed the business opportunity in this platform. I haven't wanted to turn people off of the products because they think I'm only trying to make a buck off of them or to pressure them into "selling". But you know what? I think I'm selling you short by not sharing this with you from the very beginning. Young Living essential oils and products truly speak for themselves, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time in this post writing about them. I want to take this time to give you an honest look at MY reason for doing this as a business, as well as tell you how to make money selling Young Living essential oils and products yourself!


You probably see this term a lot if you follow friends and family who work in network marketing, blogging, social media, etc. Most entrepreneurs spend time considering their personal "why"why they do what they do. 
I think most people would say that their family is their why, and it's true for me too. My family is what drives me to be my best self. My family motivates and inspires me to go for my dreams. My family is why I want to be successful at this business. However, if I am completely transparent, for my family, my why is for FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Financial freedom for me, looks like paying off our debt. Buying a house, buying a second car, funding Benjamin's education... but my dreams are bigger than that. My dreams include setting up a financial legacy for our son, our grandchildren, our nephews. Buying homes for our mothers. Blessing our friends. Contributing to causes we believe in. One of the most appealing aspects to me of Young Living as a business, is that my residual income is will-able to our son. I think that is absolutely incredible!

For the first time in my life, I am giving myself permission to see all of this as attainable! 

And it is. Over the last 5 years, I've watched as the person who introduced me to essential oils, has grown her business to the highest rank in Young LivingRoyal Crown Diamond. I've seen how hard she's worked, and how exponentially her team has grown as a result. This is an exciting business to be in for all the potential that there is. Check out the 2017 Young Living Income Statement Disclosure, for a look at average monthly incomes for Young Living Business Builders. Beyond the monetary opportunity, there are opportunities for travel, events, giftsYoung Living is truly generous in all they do for their Business Builders.
I started selling Young Living as a way to earn my monthly Essential Rewards order. I saw that beyond essential oils, Young Living offered products that my family uses every single month. I made the decision that the $50+ I was spending at Target on essentials like laundry soap, dish soap, house cleaner, toothpaste, supplements, etc. could be spent on the same products, but without the harsh chemicals, through Young Living. What would make this membership even better was to get everything for FREE. I made up my mind right at the beginning, to do what I could to earn enough to cover the cost of ER. 
But then, as I began using and loving essential oils (and other YL products), it was completely natural for me to share with friends and family. I saw the way essential oils were helping my family and I wanted them for my loved ones as well. It just makes sense to want the best for those you love! 

As more people purchased their Premium Starter Kit and joined my team, I started seeing the benefits Young Living could have for my family financially.  I started "doing the business" in June 2014 and by November of that year, had hit the rank of Executive. Here is a screenshot of my paychecks through those first months. (As you'll notice through the income disclosure, commission within various ranks can vary for everyone.)  
I'll be honest and say that in the years since, I have yet to rank up. I took a bit of a hiatus as I went through personal issues (miscarriage, depression..). But the beautiful thing about this business, is that it was still here waiting for me. I kept my ER during this time and was blessed with Business Builders below me who were patient and understanding. I am back now and more dedicated than ever! My team is a dream, and I am so proud and blessed by them every day!! Our community is growing and there has never been a better time to be a part of it! We are looking for motivated individuals to join us! If everything I've shared in this post, appeals to you, I would love to connect! Leave a comment or send me a message. All you have to do to GET STARTED... is to purchase your Young Living Premium Starter Kit and sign up for Essential Rewards. I will connect you to our community, which includes essential oil education and a business mentorship. We will walk with you through every step of the way! I cannot wait to walk along this journey with you and cheer you on as you achieve your dreams! 

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