Love, Joleen: Our Charlotte Mason Inspired Morning Time Homeschool Routine

Monday, September 10, 2018

Our Charlotte Mason Inspired Morning Time Homeschool Routine

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We call the first hour [or so] of homeschooling each day, Morning Time, which we start after breakfast and morning chores, around 9 or 10 a.m. I started hearing and seeing the term a lot, from the Charlotte Mason homeschool moms and podcasts I follow and listen to. I love seeing how people plan and layout their homeschool days, and feel there can never be too many examples out there. You never know what style is going to resonate the most with you! For this reason, I wanted to share our Morning Time schedule for this year with you. We're currently in our 4th week of our Charlotte Mason-inspired Kindergarten

I created a simple document in Google Docs to outline the activities we do every weekday morning (except Thursdays, when he takes classes outside the home from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.). Prior to the start of the week, I copy the doc from the previous week, and update it with what's new to learn and review. This is our daily Morning Time schedule:

Prayer Requests
Pray Together
(I have this as Monday and Wednesday, but we sing it nearly every day. Our current hymn included four verses. We started with the first verse, which we sang 3x each day for the first week. Then we added one new verse each week until he had all four mostly memorized by the 4th week.)
Memory Verse
Big Question & Answer
Both of these are provided on Sundays at church, and can be found online here.
I'm still not too sure this is something I want to keep on our schedule.
Practice Ukulele for 10 min.
He takes a short private lesson once a week. He plays whatever he wants to during this time. He doesn't know any songs yet but spends this time practicing the motions and chords he's learning. 
Read from The Children's Book of Virtues
We read one short story from The Children's Book of Virtues each day. 
Spanish Lesson
Benjamin is learning beginner Spanish this year. I plan our lessons based on various curriculum and videos I find online. Each week we have a new lesson and then review everything we've learned up until that point. Right now, we're building on his knowledge with constant repetition. 
Spanish Song
The same goes for Spanish songs. Children learn really well through music, and there is a plethora of options on YouTube. I pre-plan our new song and then we review the songs we learned in previous weeks. I've also added a couple of Kid's Spanish albums to my phone for when we're in the car. 
Per the Charlotte Mason-inspired Kindergarten curricula we're using, Benjamin completes one sheet of copywork each day. I pre-write whatever Bible verse or book quote he's going to copy for the week, several times in this Learn to Letter writing tablet. Over the course of the week, he copies it four times. 
At the end of Morning Time, I read a Benediction. 

"May the LORD show you his favor and give you his peace."
Numbers 6:26 NLT
I check each item off on the doc as we complete activities. I also have it open on my laptop, so that we can easily click on links to our hymn and Spanish videos/songs. Once we're done with Morning Time, we usually break for snack or early lunch, depending on the time. I let Benjamin play or have screen time for a while whilst I work, and then we resume with whatever lessons are planned for the day. I hope this is helpful in coming up with your own Morning Time schedule! 

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