Love, Joleen: Fruit of the Spirit: Joy | Bible Journaling Process Video with Purpose Driven Essentials

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fruit of the Spirit: Joy | Bible Journaling Process Video with Purpose Driven Essentials

Purpose Driven Essentials is a Christian-based lifestyle monthly subscription box. There are two types of subscriptions—the Purpose Driven Family Kit: filled with entertaining games, inspiring movies, and engaging family activities, and the PDE Mini Kit. I received the latter this month in exchange for sharing with ya'll, and lemme tell you, I was super impressed with this kit! 

The purpose behind the kits is "families growing closer in their faith". Each of the items are lovingly selected with the mission of aiding your family in your walk with God—whether it be through games, devotions, music, treats, books, or even movies. PDE's kits consist of both well-known and smaller, independent brands. PDE promises to provide "quality products with a meaningful message. To show God's love and create the opportunity for families to grow their relationships together through a purpose driven life. To give a sense of exploration/wonder, mixed with inspiration, fun and growth, through trying new things and creating memories."
I wanted to give you a peek at the March 2018 kit, as well as how I used the devotional and products for one Bible journal layout. The possibilities are endless, and the prompts are thought-provoking. This particular kit's theme is Fruit of the Spirit (Galations 5:22-23). I was especially inspired to create this page after I read the devotional for "joy". Owner/writer, Michelle Herrington, talked about her two miscarriages and I've written about my own two miscarriages here on the blog. I felt so encouraged reading her words and the reminder that I could have joy "with His help". 
 Check out my video for a complete unboxing of the kit, as well as a process video! 

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