Love, Joleen: The Creative Experience I'm Giving My Son This Christmas

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Creative Experience I'm Giving My Son This Christmas

Benjamin has been super into music since he was an infant. His first favorite song was "Choo Choo Soul", by Genevieve on Disney Junior. As soon as he could pull himself up he was dancing to "Real Love" by MJB. He turned one the day 'Frozen' was released, and spent early toddlerhood obsessed with the songs. Today, he pauses shows when a song comes on so that he can run and go get his ukulele or some other instrument to rock along with. His Sunday school teacher says he belts out worship songs the loudest, and his nature class instructors say he is the most fascinated with the guitars. He even dressed as his favorite musician, Bruno Mars, for Halloween this year. There is absolutely no question what we're getting this kid for Christmas this year!
Benjamin is going to FLIP when he opens his very first professional musical instrument. We recently started our 30-day free trial with Fender Play, and he can't get enough of it. Each video is only around 10-12 minutes long, to help keep players (both children and adults) engaged, focused, and motivated. Fender Play's approach is song-firsthelping students learn the basics, then chords and rifts. Once Benjamin receives his guitar, he'll be able to go through these short lessons and practice on his own, as he listens and watches. I really love that the program tracks his progress so that I can help him know when to move on to the next lesson. 
It has been proven that music offers incredible benefits to enriching our lives, such as boosting concentration, emotional intelligence, and overall I.Q. I am thrilled to be incorporating these lessons to our homeschool schedule in the new year! 
Check out this short video that shares the benefits of playing guitar: 

If you're looking for a creative Christmas gift idea, Fender Play offers 6 and 12-month pre-paid gift cards, starting at $49.99! These subscriptions end up saving you tons of money over the monthly subscription, with the same unlimited access to hundreds of video lessons. 
 Learn more here.
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