Love, Joleen: Favorite Family Traditions and a Free Christmas Bucket List Printable

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Favorite Family Traditions and a Free Christmas Bucket List Printable

As you know, I love Christmastime. My favorite part about it, isn't the gift giving and receiving (although I really love that too!), but the spending of time with my family. Since Benjamin was born, I've loved creating memories and discovering new family traditions along the way. Little things that started off as a one-time event, like exchanging handmade Christmas cards, and enjoying it so much that we're now in our third year. 
One of my favorite things to do with my family pretty much year-around, but mostly at Christmas, is to watch all of our favorite holiday movies together! Christmas movies often share a beautiful message; they make us feel something and often bring us to tears or laughter along the way. I love snuggling up on the couch, with our favorite snack, to simply watch them together.
There are so many things I love doing with my family this time of year. This year, I sat down to create a bucket list of things I'd love for us to do together this year. I created the printable below, which you can download and print for free! Here are some more fun, family activities.
Click here to print the Full Size FREE Printable

I really hope you'll take some time to engage with your family this holiday season. Make new memories and enjoy your own holiday traditions! I'd love to hear what your family's holiday traditions are, what's on your bucket list, or what you're going to do from the one I've provided! 

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