Love, Joleen: My Pregnancy Fabric Art Journal

Friday, February 12, 2016

My Pregnancy Fabric Art Journal

When I found out that I was pregnant with Benjamin, nearly four years ago now, it came as an absolute surprise. I shared some of my story with PCOS-related infertility when I posted Benjamin's birth story a few years ago. When I shared the news with my very dear friend, Heather, she sent me the most beautiful treasure of a gift -- this mixed media (Re: Junque or Fabric) journal to document my pregnancy. It is among my favorite possessions and I feel so grateful to her for making it for me. As you'll see in the photos below, she used beautiful vintage chenille fabric for the cover. The pages were filled with different papers and baby-related ephemera. I started journaling and documenting my pregnancy in the beginning of the journal but as time progressed I would flip to different pages that inspired me or fit the theme. There is no order to my journal. It's filled with my thoughts, photos, and keepsakes from the time I found out I was pregnant and even some tidbits from after giving birth (like cards from my first Mother's Day). Keeping this pregnancy journal has been such a wonderful experience for me and one I hope to replicate with any future pregnancies if I'm able. I wanted to share some of my favorite pages with you:
Benjamin's baby book (or lack thereof) is an entirely different story! I've got several sad attempts and starts at a book for him and I feel terrible that he's 3 years old without a proper baby book. Thankfully, I was documenting everything on my blog through monthly letters to him and photos shared on social media. My new big project is going to be compiling it all! I've just purchased the book and supplies and my plan is to do it Project Life style. I'll keep you posted!

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