Love, Joleen: Monthly View Memory Planner Process + Tips

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monthly View Memory Planner Process + Tips

Update: Oops! I put 2016 and no I didn't time travel. ;) This has since been updated to say 2015. Thanks for the head's up! 

After a maternity session and afternoon of Valentine's Day mini sessions on Saturday, the boys and I packed up the car and went to visit Ben's sister. Our plan was just to spend time together and RELAX and I could not wait. It's been a stressful couple of weeks but wouldn't you know that Benjamin came down with a cold and my sinus issues flared up while we were there. It was still a really great time. I love spending time with my sister-in-law. I brought a couple of projects with me to work on while we watched the Superbowl - one of them being my monthly view for October. I need to do the journaling for November but December is complete. Then, I'll do January. I thought I would walk you through the process of creating my monthly views as I use them for memory keeping. As you can see in the first image, I already had some stickers and glitter flags down. I put these there before I really had a system and you'll see that I only kept the flags and "Happy Halloween" in my final layout.
I say layout because, although it's completely functional, I think of my planner as a "memory planner", much like Project Life. Most of the images I use are from my iPhone with just a few from my DSLR thrown in. When I transfer photos from my phone I title the folder "October 2015 iPhone Drop" or whatever month it is, and that's how I keep them organized. Then, I create a new folder that says something like "October Monthly View Planner Photos". In here, I drop all the photos (iPhone and otherwise) that I might want to use in my layout.
From there, I resize the images. I use Adobe Photoshop but if you don't have a program like it on your computer, you can use an app on your phone like Resize It Free. My monthly view boxes are just over 1" square so I resize my photos to this size. If I want the photo to take up more space or I want to use a tiny collage of photos, I just make sure that the height or width are 1". Then, I lay them all out on an 8.5" x 11" blank doc with space to cut a border around each photo. I print it just like this:
In trying to organize my crafting life, I picked up these clear envelopes to keep planner/scrap goodies by holiday. It made it super easy to grab 'n go this weekend, since all my Halloween goodies were in one place!
The first thing I do when starting my layout is to place all my photos. (Tip: This is why you'll often see me use the date in my Instagram descriptions.) Once those are in place (I don't adhere just yet) I play around with the headers. This often includes putting down washi and layers of embellishments. Then, I go square by square gluing/taping things down. I add stickers and other tid bits. More is more, if you ask me! I like to squeeze in titles with alpha stickers, stamps, and my own handwriting. Finally, I journal the "highlights" from the month. Below, is my monthly view for October. You'll notice an insert I made using a polka dot favor bag. Although we took this photo in September during a trip to Disneyland, I used it here because it fit the theme. The top of the bag is open so that I could insert keepsake tickets and tokens.

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