Love, Joleen: Super Special Gender Reveal Session | Duluth, Georgia

Monday, January 11, 2016

Super Special Gender Reveal Session | Duluth, Georgia

This is perhaps one of the most special sessions I've ever had the privilege of photographing and I have been waiting with baited breath to share. Julia has become one of my sister friends over the last two years that I've known her. We instantly hit it off with many things in common, including being the same age, our love for Jesus, coffee, books, and our families. We actually met through Instagram (shock! Hehe.) and I instantly felt comfortable with her. During our first meeting I shared with her my own story of infertility struggles, divorce, redemption, love, remarriage, and my beautiful son. She shared with me that she and her husband, James had been together for over a decade and married half that time (now 14.5 years together; 7 married). After several miscarriages, including just before we met, they still desired to be parents and felt called to adopt. Shortly after we met the adoption of a baby girl fell through and it was a devastating blow to my sweet friends. I can't begin to describe their elation when Baby Ian was born and they were chosen to be his forever family in March 2014. I had the absolute honor of meeting him in his first week of life and taking his newborn photos. I've loved watching him grow over these last [nearly] 2 years and to see James and Julia thrive as parents! It fills my heart with so much joy. 

Recently, Julia shared with me that they were expecting and I have been OVER THE MOON ever since! I've been in serious prayer over this sweet baby, let me tell you. Where they were nervous, I was confident for them. Our God is so good! Then, Julia asked me if I could be the one to reveal the gender to them in the form of a gender reveal session and seriously, life made. What an incredible honor! They went for their gender ultrasound last weekend and dropped the sealed envelope off with me. At first I wasn't going to open it until a few days before but I couldn't wait one hot second. It was sooooo hard not giving it away!! So, without further ado:

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