Love, Joleen: My Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies + A New Layout

Monday, June 22, 2015

My Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies + A New Layout

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For Christmas the boys got me the ESV Journaling Bible. It's a pocket sized Bible - perfect size for me to work in. I actually prefer this size to read as well. [My regular Bible is the Compact Edition Bible NLT, which is my favorite translation, even over the NIV I grew up with. But I digress.] They also gave me two packs of Bible Hi-Gliders, which I love! I've been meaning to share some of my favorite Bible journaling supplies so I'll start with those:
I like to use these to highlight passages in both of my Bibles. They're great to use when you're covering a large space because they write smoothly and can be gently smeared. In the layout I'm sharing today, I used them to outline the black lettering on the far left and to make squares around each orange word on the far right. 

Hands down, my favorite black pen ever in life. This has been my go-to pen for years. It does bleed through these thin pages somewhat, but not enough to bother me. The actual ink does not bleed, which is really important to me. Uni-Ball also makes the best white pen.
Zebra Pticolon Gel Ink Pens 
When I was pregnant with Benjamin, I really wanted these pens that I had found on Amazon. I was in California when my [now] husband sent me to them as a gift. Some women swoon over flowers. Me? Office supplies. Haha. These pens are great! They're bright and very pigmented; perfect for underlining in your Bible and the colors don't bleed through. I'm only sad because when I went to find a link for you, I couldn't find them for sale online! I may need to try to find a Japanese bookstore soon. 

Other Pens Worth Mentioning
  • Papermate InkJoy Gel Pens - I purchased a set of these and first started using them in my planner. They come in fun colors, write really smooth, and are perfect for writing notes in the margins or in my Bible journal.
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens - These pens write really well in my Bible and I like the colors. I purchased the 10 color pack back when I worked at Paper Source and just purchased the Staedtler 6 Neon Color Triplus Fineliners over the weekend.
  • Sanford Sharpie Fine Point Pens - I will always love Sharpies! I love this 12 pack, which gives you 10 colors and 2 black pens. These are best saved for the covers and edges, unless you don't mind bleed through. I will sometimes use them if I want a word or verse to stand out.
  • Le Pen 18 Color Pen Set - Another pen I was turned on to while working at PS. I'm obsessed with these pens! They're great for journaling in and out of your Bible. Love, love.
Hand Made Acrylic Paint
Target just stepped up their crafting section by adding tons of new Hand Made products, including acrylic paint. They have a pretty extensive line of colors from glow in the dark, metallic, shimmer, and neon. I am partial to the "satin" line for my Bible. I know other Bible journalers (is that what we're called?) prefer heavy bodied paints, but I actually really like these. They're incredibly pigmented but you can still see the text through them, when brushed on with a plastic card. I'm also not afraid to add a little water to my pages, and like to use water colors as well!

Here is a layout that I started last night and finished up this morning. I used a grocery membership card to brush on pain in layers. For the text on the right, I used a neon pen. As these are my thoughts/journaling, I like that they're harder to read on the page but that they're still legible. I highlighted each word by drawing a box around it with my hi-gliders and coloring it in.
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Updated: Jan. 19, 2016
Hi ya'll! So, I posted this just about 7 months ago now and wouldn't you know, this page has been driving me crazy ever since. Art journaling in my Bible is a labor of love and an opportunity for worship. I do believe the process is most valuable but of course I want to produce pages that I'm happy with. This is one of my favorite Bible verses so I really wanted to try to "fix it" if I could. I decided to add paint over the entire thing to help blend it out and then fixed my handwriting with a white gel Uniball pen (the best white pen, IMO!). I'm quite pleased with it now and glad I took the time to do it. An update supply list and tutorial coming soon!

Updated: Sept. 2017

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