Love, Joleen: Our Summer 2015 Bucket List | 20 Ideas for the Whole Family

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Summer 2015 Bucket List | 20 Ideas for the Whole Family

If you've known me for any length of time, you know that I love lists. Goal lists, grocery lists, to-do lists, party planning lists. Lists, lists, lists. Rifling through  my purse or laptop bag, strewn across the dining room table, on the kitchen counter, and all over our office -- you guessed it; lists.  Last Fall I shared our Atlanta Bucket List, and this year I've decided to create a Summer Bucket List for the entire family! In no particular order, here are twenty things I hope to accomplish this Summer:
  1. Visit new splash pads. Atlanta is chock full of them! 
  2. Watch fireworks. This will be our first year since Benjamin was born!
  3. Stay up late + watch the stars. I'm talking blanket and pillows; the whole experience.
  4. Make s'mores. Some more of what? You're killing me Smalls!
  5. Take Benjamin for a special "toddler experience". Toddler day at any of the museums, petting zoo, fair, etc.  ✓ 05.29.15 Toddler Takeover Event + The New Mo Willems Exhibit
  6. Eat from a food truck. Visit one of the many food truck Thursdays/Fridays and go to town. 
  7. Visit the farmers market. 
  8. Complete a 5k. Every year Ben does the Peachtree Road Race, and Benjamin and I cheer him on. This year I want us to do one run/jog/walk as a family. 
  9. Have a dance party.
  10. Create an elaborate family picnic. ✓ 06.28.15 [here]
  11. Take Benjamin to a Summer Children's Series movie. 
  12. Toss water balloons. 
  13. Go to a movie/concert in the park. 
  14. Take a road trip. Already planned! We're driving to D.C. in July. 
  15. Host a pool party/playdate. 
  16. Read all the books on my Summer Reading List. Okay, so this one is for me, but I'll add "regular library visits for the whole fam".
  17. Visit Zoo Atlanta before it gets too hot. Check out a free family pass from the library!
  18. Dance in the rain.
  19. Host a sidewalk chalk/painting party with friends. ✓ 06.17.15 [here]
  20. Visit the beach. Any beach!! *insert Cali girl whine*

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