Love, Joleen: Mother's Day Weekend Recap | Stone Mountain Park

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend Recap | Stone Mountain Park

This past weekend was Mother's Day and I was really looking forward to spending quality time with my boys. We kicked off Saturday with a family workout at Shorty Howell Park in Duluth. It's one of our favorite parks to visit and is only about 10 minutes from our apartment. The park is sprawling, with a big lake filled with ducks, several baseball fields, a football field, track, and multiple playgrounds. Ben loves running there and I like pushing Benjamin in the stroller along the trails. There are plenty of stairs and park benches to make my workouts interesting and I always see yoga and bootcamp classes taking place throughout the park. They're currently renovating part of the trail so we mostly kept it to the trail. I actually jogged for a mile + of my workout! 

Saturday evening my grandparents came over to care for Benjamin while Ben and I joined my brother and sister-in-law for a double date to see Avengers: Age of Ultron at the Mall of Georgia. Oh. My. Goodness. So good! We love the Marvel movies but my favorites are the Avengers!
So, Mother's Day! The one day a year where mom's get to ask for whatever they want. You know, besides our birthdays and Christmas, of course. What did I ask for? THE BED TO MYSELF!! Hahaha. I'm serious. We co-sleep, and while I really do love it most of the time, sometimes a girl just needs space! Especially now that my two year old has perfected the art of nighttime acrobatics, that has had me moving to the floor or couch on more than one occasion. (Totally serious.) So, the boys set up the air mattress in Benjamin's room [which is really a glorified playroom] and we took his crib mattress back in there as well. The boys had a "sleepover" and mama slept in the middle of our big 'ole king mattress. And. It. Was. Divine!
Leading up to Sunday I really wanted to do the traditional Mother's Day brunch [any excuse for mimosas, amiright??], but as the day drew near, I set my sights on a family day at Stone Mountain. This would fulfill one of my Atlanta Bucket List items, too! My one mistake in poor planning was not checking the weather ahead of time. It was super hot and in hindsight, I would have covered my arms and packed us each extra shirts to change into afterward. Was it without incident? No. Hiking with a two year old without a backpack is kinda crazy. Haha. I don't feel we need to do this again any time soon, but it was so great and I'm really glad we did it!
Benjamin started the hike pretty gung ho. I tried to warn him not to wear himself out in the beginning, but hello, he's two. 'Nough said.
This is my favorite photo of us from the day. *heart eyes*
Benjamin looks really happy, doesn't he? Hahaha. I have no idea why, but he did not like the random lady I asked to take a photo of us. Oh well.
Come hell or high water, we were going to make it to the top. Benjamin hiked with his own two little legs, some. Ben carried him. I carried him. He rode up the steepest parts piggy back style. He hugged me through the swarms of gnats that attacked us all of a sudden, toward the top. [Ew!] We were all disgusting with sweat. Basically, it was the perfect family adventure.

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