Love, Joleen: Benjamin's First Professional Haircut

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Benjamin's First Professional Haircut

A couple of weeks ago, Benjamin received his very first professional haircut! I'd been considering this for some time, but the first sweaty hot days of the month sealed the deal. I didn't want Benjamin to be over heated all summer -- that didn't seem very nice at all! I asked my brilliant hair stylist friend, if she would do it for us. Shawn is a hair stylist at Ovo Salon in Suwanee, and she's been an absolute dream with my own hair! We're good friends and have boys about 6 months apart. She was sweet enough to come over for a playdate and start with Benjamin's hair. This was absolutely ideal for us to prepare him for what would happen. 

In the days leading up to the big day, I googled "mixed toddler boy haircuts" to find examples of what we wanted. I didn't want her to touch the top/front, as those curls, curl up the nicest. Benjamin was nervous but did SO great!
This was his first look at himself - so proud! He loved it!
I could not be happier with the style we chose. It's so easy to maintain and style everyday -- exactly what any two year old [and mom] needs! 

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