Love, Joleen: Benjamin as a "Benjamin" | Halloween 2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Benjamin as a "Benjamin" | Halloween 2014

Anyone else feel like someone hits the "fast forward" button, as soon as October rolls around? It's an absolutely whirlwind around here and is definitely my favorite time of year. I actually love the busy-ness of the season! Halloween is the official start of the craziness and this year was no exception. In case you weren't around last year, I made Benjamin's costume -- a Nikon camera. Apropos to being a photographer's kid right? Haha!
Almost immediately after Halloween last year, I knew what he'd be this year. I love funny/ironic costumes and figured this year might be the last before he's actually asking to be specific things, like Mickey Mouse or Superman, etc. This year Benjamin was a "Benjamin" [ a one hundred dollar bill], as in, "It's all about the Benjamins, baby". Definitely a costume deemed more clever to those who actually knew his name. 

Even though I had this idea for nearly a year and a general idea of how it would be made, I didn't even purchase the felt needed until three days prior to Halloween. I had no idea how labor-intensive this would turn out to be! I could have made it chintzier [and been finished more quickly] by just gluing it together, but that's not how I roll. I ended up cutting everything freehand, while frequently checking this photo to make sure it was looking legit. Had he been older/taller, I would have had more room to make it even more authentic, but I made sure to get all the important bits. After everything was sewn, the last thing to do was to figure out how to do the "Benjamin" part. I contemplated just sewing on a felt silhouette or even my son's silhouette, but neither looked right in my head. I love the idea I finally had, which was to enlarge Ben Franklin's head from the photo of the bill and send it over to CVS to be printed. After I cut it into an oval, I enclosed the print in clear vinyl to protect it. Thank goodness I did, because it ended up raining!
The costume cost about $8 to make and I don't even know how many hours (at least 10)! I am thrilled with how it turned out!
After a very long day (including a 4 hour round trip to photograph a courthouse wedding, on my part) it was time to get Benjamin in his costume for a few photos before going to our friend's. True to his [nearly] two year old form, he flat refused to put it on. I'll save you the melodrama (and there were tears involved on my behalf, I'll admit) but thank goodness for my husband and his patient ways, because Benjamin finally came around.
After finally getting a few photos, we set off to our friend's mom's neighborhood in Suwanee. Benjamin went trick-or-treating with his little buddy, Croy, and little baby Maddox. They were both cute Batmans and it totally wasn't planned!
Benjamin is typically pretty shy but he had the BEST time trick-or-treating! I was so nervous about going after dark this year because I didn't want him to be scared but I had nothing to worry about! He was pretty quiet but he walked up to every door and opened his bag for candy. It had started sprinkling right when we got outside and before long we were all pretty wet. Benjamin ended up getting a package of Goldfish that he could eat on the way home, which made ending the night much easier than it would have been! Such a great night and my only regret is that we somehow ended up with no photos of me and Benjamin together. Oh well, next year!

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