Love, Joleen: Tap Tap Bang Bang

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tap Tap Bang Bang

During our weekly library visits, I have been selecting several books that share our weekly Tot School theme, but I also like to choose other books that I think Benjamin would enjoy. I knew as soon as I saw and flipped through Tap Tap Bang Bang by Emma Garcia, that Benjamin would love it! "Cree craw with the saw, bang bang with the hammer, and twizzle, twist, twirl, and spin with the screwdriver, bolts, and nuts. What fun! It's tool time for children as they delight in colorful chisels, clamps, drills, pliers, and mallets at work. What could they be making? Kids will love finding out—and creating sound effects to go with this action-packed board book. Perfect for little builders!" Benjamin is currently quite interested in books that include the noises things make, like Planes Go (another recent checkout) [along with the entire Trains Go series] and Open the Barn Door.

I knew he would enjoy this book, but having never expressed an interest in tools before, I had no idea just how much! Over the holiday weekend, he and my husband made an activity out of reading Tap Tap Bang Bang. Benjamin will ask for "tools" and my husband will take him to bring down his kit. In Benjamin's room they read the book and Ben will demonstrate each tool for him. [Only not the power tool as that noise scares Benjamin and he will tell us "I don't like that".]
My big project over the weekend was to paint Benjamin's new toddler bed. We put it together for him yesterday afternoon while he was napping in our bed. After his nap, Benjamin helped his daddy take apart his crib, after explaining that we were going to put it with the "baby" toys we're storing in his closet and that he now has a big boy bed! He was all too happy to help.
I cherish these unplanned teachable moments, especially when Benjamin engages us. He's growing so quickly before my eyes...

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