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Friday, August 15, 2014

Tot School: Tractors

As I mentioned in my previous Tot School post, we aren't officially starting Tot School until the 25th. This week we did start with at new Bible verse: "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved." Acts 16:31 and the theme "tractors". Each week will have have a different theme (except around the holidays, when the same theme will probably carry over for multiple weeks). I chose "tractors" based on a playdate that was planned through my mom's group. It ended up being a seriously fun theme to start with! 

I will do my very best to give proper credit and link up my resources for your reference. I'm not sure if I will post a day-by-day recap each week, but its worked out well this week. Plus, Benjamin is obsessed with the camera these days and doesn't do anything without saying, "Picture?" Is he a photographer's kid or what?!

I cut out the body of a tractor in three colors and also all the parts. Benjamin "put it together" like a puzzle every day this week. He watches Ben and I put it together correctly but every time he stacks into a neat pile and claps upon completion. Ha!

We checked out two "tractor" themed library books for this week: Tractor Day by Candice Ransom (love!) and Otis by Loren Long. The latter was too old for him and couldn't keep his attention. I only read through it once in its entirety and that was while Benjamin was coloring. Probably best for 4+.

Coloring sheet found on 123 Homeschool 4 Me.
 Tractor flip page can be found in Lift-the-Flap Tab: Trucks.
We met up with our friends at the Southeastern Railway Museum here in Duluth, Georgia. I had no idea such a cool place was so close to us (only about 10 minutes away)! Needless to say, this was our first visit. We went with several of our friends from my mom's group for a monthly event called Toddler Thursday, which is geared towards toddlers ages 1 to 4. This month the theme was "tractors". Each month, they divide participants into groups and from 10:40 am until 12:00 noon, the groups rotate through various activities. We were always moving which is a great thing when you're talking about two and almost two year olds [in the case of our group]. The kids each did a craft, "planted seeds" with toy tractors in a sand box (Benjamin's least favorite activity, as he immediately stepped into the sand and didn't like how it felt to have sand stuck in his sandals), had storytime, sat on and got to check out a real tractor, and lastly, a hayride pulled by a tractor. It was so much fun and Benjamin truly loved it! The staff there was friendly - especially the man in charge of the tractor! We're already looking forward to our visit again next month.
 My favorite photos from the day:
Tractor painting adapted from this Father's Day card on a Latte' with Ott, A.
Additional Resources:
Coloring pages from Toddler Activities and Tips.
52 Kid-Friendly Bible Memory Verses from Ministry to Children.

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