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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Swap for Tots: COLORS

I recently shared this idea to do a swap for our tots with my friend, Teryn, who suggested we choose a theme and make it a quarterly thing. So, here we go!! I'm so excited to be co-hosting our very first swap for tots! This swap is intended for toddlers 18 to 36 months old.

1. Sign up by emailing me your full name and address, your child's name and age by August 15, 2014. Please put "Swap for Tots" in the subject line. ONE CHILD PER SIGN UP. For multiple children, please send a separate email. US residents only.
2. Once you are matched, please reach out to your partner to confirm their shipping address. 
3. Put together your package (more on this, below).
Optional -- Photograph, but wait to share on IG until after it's been received. Use hashtag: #swapfortots_colors
4. Ship package by September 1, 2014.
5. Photograph your toddler's package to share on IG, using the hashtag: #swapfortots_colors
Package Specifics:
The theme for this swap is COLORS. (This can include all the colors of the rainbow or you can select any one color and run with it!)
Packages should be gender neutral. 
Each package should be valued at around $20. 
Please be thoughtful and creative! More is not necessarily more. Our toddlers will not be expecting their swaps, so anything will be fun for them to receive.
Packages should be put together so that each child receiving one can open it themselves with minimal help [within the outside packaging, of course].
Please include at least one handmade item, such as a "note" or completed art project from your own toddler.
Please NO FOOD ITEMS (in case of allergies).
Ideas of items to include: books, stickers, art supplies, activities/projects (can be collections, handmade, something you've put together yourself, or purchased), simple toys, etc. Another idea would be to include all the items needed to complete an activity such as this Color Sorting Project or Ladybug Craft [if you went with the color red]. If you have any questions about specific items you're considering including, feel free to email me.

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