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Friday, June 6, 2014

Checking In!

Hi friends! Well, that was an impromptu month off from blogging but I'm back and more excited than ever to share what I've been up to! I was recently inspired by a friend to write monthly goals, and since I am a big list maker anyway, I thought this was a great idea. As you may or may not know, at the start of each new year, I sit down and write my goals for the year. I thought since June was the midway point, it was a good time to check in with my goals for 2014 as well. I've gone through and checked off things I've already accomplished and it's interesting to me to see how some of my goals have already evolved or no longer even apply! 

My Goals for June:
* Complete Round 2 of Whole30. That's right, folks, I made it through the first round and am doing it again! I will post all about how it's going and share some progress photos, tips, meals, and my grocery list in the next couple of weeks! 
          Try new veggies
          Try new recipes
* Plan for "life after Whole30"
* Organize closets (mine and Benjamin's)
          Purge to Goodwill
* Exercise Plan: 
               Beat May's stats // 45 miles | 15 hours
               Organize Monday morning walking group with other mommies
          Gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings
          Family fitness/outing on Saturdays when I'm not working
          Rest on Sundays
* Drink more water
           80 oz. per day
* Finish Wife After God Devotional 
* Get up-to-date on editing sessions
* Plan Summer mini sessions
* Reach Senior Star level with Young Living
* Blog
          Update header and sidebar (bare with me as they're still not click-able)

So, there ya have it! I'm so excited to kick off Summer feeling focused and motivated. I already know it's going to be a great one!

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