Love, Joleen: Project Life 2014: Week Four + Week Five

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week Four + Week Five

So, this week I'm actually sharing both Week Four (January 20th - 26th)  and Week Five (January 27th - February 2nd) of my Project Life. I had the brilliant idea to attempt triangles (inspired by Elise Blaha) in week four which requires a significant amount of planning. I couldn't think through week five ahead of time so even though my layout was technically finished, I didn't sew the page protectors until both sides were complete. It was a LOT of work but I absolutely love how these pages turned out! This week I also included an insert page protector that my friend, Heather, sent me. It's 12 x 4 with three 4 x 4 pockets which are probably my favorite size to use. Instagram photos look great printed at this size.
Here is the Week Four layout without the insert:
 Week Five layout:
Initially my plan was for the "back" of Week Four to include a variety of patterns and I'm SO GLAD that I didn't stitch them in ahead of time. There ended up being a lot of opportunities for photos and journaling in Week Five so I really didn't have the space for much fluff. I did tie in a few so that the left side would coordinate with the right. You'll also notice that I sliced a few photos in half but included both sides. Even though it is a lot of work [working with triangles] I absolutely would do it again! 


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