Love, Joleen: Benjamin's Big Boy Room Inspiration

Friday, January 31, 2014

Benjamin's Big Boy Room Inspiration

For so many reasons we've been counting down the days for Benjamin to have his own room. It's a battle within me, because there are so many things that I truly love about our current arrangement co-sleeping. With that being said, we're all ready to spread our wings a little bit. Currently, Benjamin sleeps in a mini crib, which he has nearly outgrown at 14 months, for all of his naps as well as when he goes down for bed at night around 7 pm. Sometime around 10 or 11 he nurses and when I come to bed between midnight and 1 am [most nights], he comes to our bed for the night. This [typically] works for us because I've evolved into the world's laziest nighttime nurser, but, here's the thing... We sleep in a KING size bed and our son is the ultimate bed hog! He's seriously an acrobatic sleeper and I've just about hit my limit with it. 

Thankfully, our lease is up in a month and we'll be moving out of our one-bedroom apartment, and into something larger. Lately, I've been dreaming a lot about Benjamin's "big boy" room and thinking about how we might make it special. We will continue to live in an apartment while we pay down our debt, but the one we're moving into is much more spacious, and I'm so excited to share all the details with you [soon]. We plan on giving Benjamin the master bedroom, to serve as both bedroom and playroom. I don't want to go too crazy with it (nothing permanent, anyway), but I do believe a few simple DIY projects will be just the ticket!
We'll be packing away Benjamin's mini crib, but we want him to use a mattress on the floor like we do now for our own bed. This makes it easy for him to get on and off and in the event that he rolls off, it isn't too bad of a fall. I would like to get him a full-size mattress that he can use with a traditional bed frame later, but for now we'll use the mini crib mattress.

I chose this "inspiration room" because it contained so many of the elements I'd like to incorporate in Benjamin's room. I'd love to stick to a [mostly] black and white color scheme, with lots of pops of color! Bold and graphic prints in the fabrics and artwork is a must. I'd like to incorporate modern geometric shapes with sporadic vintage touches like a globe or old school map, like this. I even have a vintage school desk I plan on moving in from storage, and giving the top a nice coat of chalkboard paint, like this!

I want his room to be fun and functional. He will have a reading nook (of course!) and low hooks somewhere in the room for him to hang up his own belongings (Montessori style). I would l-o-v-e to incorporate something like this DIY magnet wall, too! Overall, I really want his room to encourage imaginative play without being too overwhelming or chaotic.

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