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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guest Blogger: A Day in the Life of Les.... | Five Favorite Authors

As you all know, I am an avid reader. As Benjamin is getting older, I am trying to find more time for this passion and have even started a monthly book club with my friend, Maggie. I recently put out a call for guest bloggers here on Love, Joleen and was happy to receive a message from Les of A Day in the Life of Les. She shares my passion for books and has generously compiled a list of her five favorite authors for us today! I cannot wait to check some of these authors/books out! Thanks so much, Les!

Coincidentally, I am guest blogging today on Mama + Mini and sharing "The Best Baby Board Books".
Happy Reading! 
Hi everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by this lovely blog to read my little post. My name is Leslie and I’m a new blogger over at A Day in the Life of Les. I LOVE to read and because of that I decided to start a blog about what I read so that I could keep track and look back to what I have read. Also, because all my friends always ask me for recommendations in regards to what to read and I just get stumped (how weird!). So I figured, I'll read and blog it and you decide! What’s better than that? It's still currently in its beginning phases but the way I read it won’t be long before it has several recommendations for you all to choose from. I also post several DIY’s and adventures that I’ve been on, as well as 10 pictures about randomness every Sunday. Kind of like a 365 project. (See: Snapshot Sunday)

When I saw Joleen on Instagram stating that she was looking for guest bloggers I instantly jumped the idea. To be able to collaborate on her blog would be such a fantastic opportunity. Such a lovely lady and baby! Oof! WHAT A cutie that Benjamin is! I wanted to spread word on several of my favorite authors that I hope you too will like and continue to discover more of. Take a peak!
#1 Amanda Hocking
I first discovered Ms. Hocking on the Kindle app on my phone. Once I was done with the first book (at that moment in my life every book I picked up was a series of 3…on complete accident) of the Trylle series I was INSTATNLY hooked. It’s of course a young adult novel series but I absolutely fell in love and I couldn’t wait to finish.  It’s about discovering who you are (in a lot of ways) and taking the stand for what you believe in to save what’s yours. There’s also a love story and boy did I not see that twist coming!

Several other books by the lovely Miss Hocking:
-My Blood Approves series (LOVED IT!)
-Letters to Elise
And recently – The Watersong Series.
I have yet to read TWS. But all else I have read and I LOVE.
#2 John Green  
The way this man writes. WOW! I just recently finished The Fault In Our Stars and WOW! The intro along got me hooked. I actually discovered him through Amanda Hocking. They collaborated in one of her books. I checked him out and read Paper Towns and I was blown away. He is another young adult writer but he’s sooo….real.  He doesn’t sugar coat it he makes these problems real and the way he speaks to you. Check him out. You will not be disappointed. I’m actually looking to buy Looking for Alaska next. 
I actually discovered Jill Mansell on my nook. Several of her books were on sale for $.99 and I am NOT one to pass up. ;) She is a writer from London and you guessed it by these lovely covers. She’s a total love story writer. These women get in to these situations in regards to their love lives and the way she reels you in; its amazing. Every time I would end a book I would get sad because I am an emotional reader, I feel like I for some reason connect with the characters and every time the story ends I feel like “why!!! Why did it end!!! I wish she was real!” I absolutely love Jill Mansell. She’s easily one of my favorite writers. Unfortunately all of her books are on my nook. But I will begin to hunt them down. I love my little book collection that I have going on and I DEFINITELY want her to be a part of it! 
Man, I read this series back in 9th grade. I graduated in 2006 and I am now 25 going on 26 (where did the time goo!!!?) I picked him the first book up at Target because the cover caught my eye. Once I read it I could not put it down, that much I do remember. This series is basically broken down in four pieces and each one sticks to its name. Its based on what I would call a waaaay modern life later on in (what seems to me) 5056 or something like that. Basically by the age of 16, you get to choose is you want to become a Pretty meaning you will get plastic surgery to look perfect and a perfect life. Although, once you do you cross over , everything that you knew gets left behind and you can longer associate with that life. From what I remember, the main character is fighting all of this because she is about to lose her best friend and she doesn’t know how to deal with this or if she wants to go through it herself. It sucks that I have horrible memory because I do remember loving this series. I think I'm about to re-read it!  

And last but not least!...(drumroll please!) 
See, this man is the reason I LOVE reading. I owe him everything. Let me back up, in 9th grade English class we would always have to read the first 15 minutes class and I HATED reading back then. So one day I went to Target and picked up Tick Tock by Dean Koontz. The rest is history. I remember reading something along the lines of that little doll in the cover chasing a guy down the pier. I was like “What!?” I fell in love. I’m a huge chicken, I get scared easily and that’s why I’m not super crazy about Stephen King but Dean Koontz, that man has my heart! I’ve easily read over 75+ of his books and time for confession; I carry a small booklet in my purse with all the titles of his books that I have read that way when I come across one I can easily reference if 1} I have read it & 2} I own it. That way if I have read it and own it I can leave it behind but if I’ve read it and don’t I can take a copy with me. I love his style of writing. The twists and turns. EVERYTHING. To think, I’ve been reading him 11-12 years now!

My life has never been the same since….and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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