Love, Joleen: Benjamin's Vintage Storybook First Birthday Party Details: Decor and Menu

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Benjamin's Vintage Storybook First Birthday Party Details: Decor and Menu

Last night I received the photos from Whitney Huynh Photography of Benjamin's Vintage Storybook themed first birthday party and you have never seen a more excited person! There are so many things that I want to share with you, that I've decided to break it up into two posts. Today I'll be sharing all the party details and our awesome vendors. First, I have to say a big giant THANK YOU to all of our friends and family who loaned us items or volunteered their time and talents to help make this day a success! It was everything I dreamed it could be for Benjamin and I was reminded in a huge way, how very blessed I am. I am so touched that so many people care about my son and our little family. Thank you! A very special thank you to my friend, Chanel, (and family) who let us host our party in their beautiful home!
If you've been reading this blog for more than five seconds, you know that I'm obsessed with Instagram. I mentioned it in my party plans, but it was only fitting that Benjamin's party should have it's very own hashtag, #benjaminturnsone. We let party goers know about it as soon as they walked in the door!
Hanging on the banister as you walked in (and out) were the party favors. Benjamin gave each of his friends their own custom canvas library tote from Dharma Trading Co., generously embroidered by our friend, Maggie. To the left as you walked in, was the gift table and small photo display (pictured in the first photo).
Chanel has a really big enclosed patio just past her kitchen and on the way to the backyard. We used this room to house the dessert buffet and high chair prior to singing "Happy Birthday" and giving Benjamin his smash cake. Chanel and my best friend, (& Benjamin's Godmother) Candice, were both a huge help in setting up, but the genius behind orchestrating everything was my friend, Josie, of Four Mice + a Pumpkin Party Planning. I may have come up with what was included at the party, but she definitely had the hugest role in how it would be displayed. She was also responsible for the fun balloons and made all the yellow tassels! If you're in the Atlanta area and are in need of a party planner, I highly recommend her!
Visit Too Scoops Kids for my DIY Vintage Storybook Garland Tutorial!
I absolutely loved our menu and how it all came together, but the crowning jewel was definitely these custom cookies from Yummy Delicious Cookies by Whimsical Originals. Deb came highly recommended to me and was such a pleasure to work with. She took my ideas and transformed them into these. The woman is an artist! I had seen her work before, but these blew me away! Not only were they beautiful but SO good!! I can't tell you how many compliments we received on her behalf. The nice thing for you, is that you don't have to live in Atlanta to order from her, because she ships too!
The very first dessert I pinned when I decided on this color scheme, were these chocolate covered marshmallow pops. I made them for our friends for Halloween using dark chocolate (yum!) and this time I used white chocolate and dyed it with food coloring. Believe it or not, the color scheme was actually inspired by this Beach House Stripey Straw Mix from Shop Sweet Lulu. I ended up getting those and filling in with some blue polka dot and platinum stripe straws I found in the Target Dollar Spot.

Thankfully, Candice was able to fly in a few days before the party and we spent about a day and a half baking and packaging goodies!

I knew that instead of a large cake, I wanted to make mini cupcakes in a jar like I had for St. Patrick's Day. My friend, Tracie, saved 50 of her son's large baby food jars for us to use. When I spray painted Benjamin's vintage highchair, I also spray painted the jar lids. Each jar fit two mini cupcakes and I used this dairy and egg free cupcake recipe so that I could use the same batter for Benjamin's smash cake.
The party color palette was a priority to me, so I made sure to be mindful of that when selecting desserts. I came across these candy necklaces that I thought would be perfect! At Trader Joe's I picked up vanilla meringues, yogurt covered pretzels, and individually packaged kettle corn. We also had Dunkin' Donuts Glazed Munchkins, which were a huge hit, and homemade Rice Krispie treats that were wrapped in parchment paper and then again in decorative paper and baker's twine purchased from Target's Dollar Spot. 

We had 14 kids under 18 months and my nephew who is three in attendance. For them, we made kid's snack packs which included an applesauce pouch, raisins, animal crackers, an organic lollipop, and fruit/veggie juice, all packaged up in these adorable mini Pink Bakery Boxes from Shop Sweet Lulu.

For drinks, we had Dasani water bottles, sparkling lemonade, and sparkling pink lemonade from Trader Joe's, as well as an adult beverage which I fondly labeled "Mom Juice". 
For Benjamin's smash cake we baked the same batter from the cupcakes in mini ceramic crock bowls. There were four total. I cut off the tops so they would lie flat and frosted each layer to make this simple cake. I used two of the straws and baker's twine to create a cake topper. Each party invitation was sent in a gutted Little Golden Book and the one that we kept for Benjamin was The Three Little Pigs and for this reason you'll notice tidbits of the book and characters throughout the party. For this cake topper I used a page that had a tiny image of the pigs for one of the flags. I also found a book from our stash with a boy named "Benji" and used a page for this as well.
The "Party" and "Cake" vintage flashcards were on loan from my friend, Krystal, of Simply Vintage GA, but I purchased this "one" vintage flashcard from Ethelu's Vintage to decorate Benjamin's high chair. I love how it turned out!
One of my best friends, Heather, is an artist in Northern California. She made me the crown I wore at my baby shower in California last year and I asked her to make Ben a small birthday crown. I sent her a few pages from the gutted books and I absolutely love the crown she made with them! You can't see it, but on the side is another piece of text that says "Benji". So cute! A little birdy told me that she's going to make more and sell them in her Etsy shop, Bluhm Studios. Be on the lookout!
Last, but not least, was the photobooth area we set up in their formal dining room. I wanted each of our little guests to have a special photo of them taken so we set up this space and included a tripod and camera so parents could take them themselves. Out of all of the projects, this backdrop used the most Little Golden Book pages. It took a long time to create but was an easy project overall. I love how it turned out and will treasure this photo of Benjamin forever!!
In the next post, I'll share more photos from the actual party and include fashion details. Thank you so much for your interest and birthday wishes for Benjamin!

Photographer - Whitney Huynh Photography
Party Planner (Balloon, Tassels, and help with party set up) - Four Mice + a Pumpkin
Favors - Library Totes from Dharma Trading Co.
Custom Cookies - Yummy Delicious Cookies by Whimsical Originals
Stripey Straws, Favor Bags, + Bakery Boxes - Shop Sweet Lulu
First Birthday Crown - Bluhm Studios
Vintage Flashcards - Simply Vintage GA and Ethelu's Vintage

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