Love, Joleen: Benjamin's First Halloween Recap + a PicMonkey Review

Monday, November 11, 2013

Benjamin's First Halloween Recap + a PicMonkey Review

So, I realize that many of you have moved on to Christmas (ha!) but things have been so utterly crazy the last month that I could hardly keep my head on straight, much less make time to blog regularly. Benjamin's birthday party was this past Saturday and we still have family in town. I promise photos and more on that soon. This year was Benjamin's first Halloween, so I really want to share photos from all of the events we participated in!

Earlier in the month we went to a "Pumpkin Painting Party". We didn't actually paint a pumpkin because I knew I couldn't deal with the mess this year but next year for sure! I still took the opportunity to bring supplies with us from a recent First Birthday/ Smash Cake Session to set up a Halloween photo op for the babes. And what's a play date without the baby lineup attempt?
At home I decided we'd decorate our pumpkins this year using foam stickers we'd received from a friend. The process was more like, I would stick them on and he would pull them off and put them in his mouth. It was pretty counterproductive but still fun for both of us!
On Halloween we had two parties to attend. The day was very chaotic, starting with me losing my keys for 45 minutes and being really late to our first play date. Benjamin didn't seem to notice how flustered I was by the time we arrived, so that's good, but our tardiness seriously cut into his playtime.
Atlanta is HUGE and our parties were on opposite sides of the universe city. By the time we got home from the first party, we only had an hour or so to get Ben into the base of his costume and our treats from the fridge to the car. In the process of trying to carry everything and Benjamin down the three flights of stairs from our apartment, I knocked the front of his costume and it broke. I lugged him back upstairs for some E6000 and texted my friends in hopes that they'd have a hot glue gun! Our first stop, just out of the way, was to my grandparents. When I was a kid, we used to visit them on Halloween so that they could see us in our costumes and we could get a photo with them. I definitely wanted to carry on the tradition. Traffic was SO HORRIBLE (typical) that it took us nearly an hour to go the 15 miles to their house and by the time we got there Benjamin and I had both thrown a fit in the car. He cried almost the entire time we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. By the time we got there, we didn't even have five minutes to enjoy. Benjamin's costume was still drying in the backseat and unfortunately my Papa was at a business meeting. Even still, these are probably my most favorite photos of Benjamin with my grandma EVER. I am so glad we went to see her.
Once we got to the party where we'd be trick or treating with friends, I just wanted one good photo of Benjamin in his costume. I knew he would hate it because he tried to tear it off when I had attempted to try it on him earlier. As you can see, he was not having it while I was putting it on. Once he had it on though! Ohmygoodness! It turned out just as adorable as it had looked in my head! He was a camera of course, because it was only fitting and I thought it would be funny/ironic. I have to take advantage of getting to pick these things out while I still can, and who doesn't love to be entertained at the expense of their children? He was seriously the most adorable Nikon camera I ever did see!!
By this time I was feeling so much better! Ben had left work early and arrived at our friend, Chanel's house shortly after we did. Check out this party spread; I mean seriously! First of all, the decor was so cute and perfect in their purple dining room. I'm sure they weren't thinking about Halloween when they painted the room that color but it looked amazing. Chanel did a taco bar (yum!) and they had much needed, and quite tasty margaritas for the mamas and papas. There were six couples and babies there and everyone brought something to share. Our friend, Kelly, made a yummy spider web dip (so cute!). I made caramel apples (which *shock* melted -- haha!) and caramel with dark chocolate apples. I tried the latter and I have to say, ah-maz-ing! I wish I had one right now. I also made dark chocolate marshmallow pops for favors (not pictured).  
Once Ben had arrived I was able to get some photos of them together with Benjamin's costume on. Then, we decided to take it off for trick or treating. Whichever one of my friends suggested he was a "shadow" in his All Black Everything was a genius! Haha.
And heart swell! These babies in their costumes before trick or treating -- too cute!
 Trick or treating in style!
We only went to four houses but it was a blast! We had so much fun with our friends and it was so nice after a stressful day. Chanel shared more photos from the evening on her blog, Luca Love.
You may have noticed all the cute Halloween graphics and fonts in today's post. I used a photo editing website called PicMonkey. The website offers basic photo editing options such as crop, rotate, sharpen, re-size, etc. It also offers these fun themed graphics, perfect for enhancing photos and essentially creating simple digital scrapbook pages out of your photos, for print or web. It couldn't be any easier to use. I especially love that it's quick and you're able to save high quality images. I have barely scratched the surface on what you're capable of creating with these tools and can't wait to use it again!

*Non-disclosure: PicMonkey gave me one month unlimited access to their website in order to review. 

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