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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Ben Wore: Harem Skinnies from Carlymegan

One of our favorite sponsors here on Love, Joleen is Carlymegan! You may remember them from the review/giveaway I posted back in August. "Carlymegan is a fun, funky, hip brand that focuses on producing simple, unique handmade apparel and accessories." Each of the prints are designed by the owner, Carly, and printed exclusively for Carlymegan. Each item in the shop is handmade by Carly as well.

Late last week, Benjamin received a package from Carly containing these Army Green Roman Organic HAREM Skinnies from her most recent product line. Oh my goodness, right? SO cute! I couldn't wait to dress Benjamin in them. This week has been absolutely gorgeous out! I love when it's chilly and the last couple of mornings have been in the low 50's. Both days we bundled up a bit and drove to our favorite nearby park for a beautiful walk on the paved trail. This morning we were meeting friends there so we went a little early to get some cute photos of Ben in his Skinnies. As you can see from the wet ground and droplets on Benjamin, it was sprinkling out this morning, but shortly before our walk it cleared right up!
Harem pants originated in the 1950's and have made a comeback among fashion forward women in the last few years. I personally don't like them on women, (sorry) but on children? Cutest. I adore them on Benjamin. First of all, I love this army green color on him -- so flattering with his caramel skin tone. The color is vibrant and the quality, superb. These are definitely high end pants. I also believe these are true to size. Benjamin is wearing 12-18 months now but I asked Carly to send him 18 mo. to have something to grow into. They're a little bit big and I ended up pinning them in the back, but I think he's going to get a lot of wear out of them! They'll be super cute in the Spring, too, when they're actually "skinny" and a little shorter on him.

*Non-disclosure: Army Green Roman Organic Baby HAREM Skinnies c/o CarlyMegan in order to review. Beanie from Walmart. Denim Button-up from Gap. Moccasins from Freshly Picked.

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