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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Here? Welcome!

Welcome to Love, Joleen! If you've followed me over from the old blog, thankyousomuch! I thought long and hard when contemplating this move. It's always a bit of a "scary" thing [changing URLs] because you run the risk of losing followers forever, but in my case it really was oh-so necessary. I have been "Love, Joleen" since 2004. If you've been a reader that long you know that it's covered a wide spectrum of hobbies and professions including my first handmade web shop [2005] and professional photography business [2007]. Then, some years back I lost my URL (this one here) while I was going through a personal crisis and not interested in any of it anyway. Saddened that it was snatched up by something completely unrelated, I've checked back over the years to see if it had come available. In the meantime I created Love, Joleen Photography in February 2012 to use as both my personal and professional blog. Since then my life has changed completely in such great ways! (You can read more about me, here.)

In the last six months I have made a concerted effort to streamline my blog content + improve readership while also getting my photography business restarted here in Atlanta. Both have become such labors of love for me; something I'm very dedicated and passionate about. Being a work at home mama comes with a unique set of challenges but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. This has always been my dream. I am so excited to make Love, Joleen my permanent blog home. With this change I've also made the decision to change my photography business to Joleen Pete Photography! A website is currently in the works with the goal to launch later this month. For now, please "Like Me" on Facebook for session sneak peeks and information! I see such great things ahead and feel so blessed for all the opportunities afforded me. Thank you for being here to share and experience it with me!

Just FYI -- all of my social media is staying the same as before but don't forget to add this new blog URL to your Blog Lovin', Google +, and RSS feeds! All the links can be found at the bottom of this post.. and while you're down there would you be ever so kind as to click to vote for us on Top Baby Blogs? Much love!

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