Love, Joleen: Postpartum Hair Loss Sucks

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Postpartum Hair Loss Sucks

One major thing I was not expecting after giving birth to my son last November was the loss of the hair along my hairline. It seemed to fall out all at once when he was approximately 12 weeks old. I had finally just reached the other side of our issues with breastfeeding and I was now sporting two very obvious bald spots. It seemed I had switched one problem for another that still plagues me from time to time all these months later.
In the beginning I embraced it. I had no qualms with wearing my hair up in a mommy bun as I usually did. It was just one of those things - kind of like stretch marks. I only briefly worried that it might not grow back because my mommy friends assured me that it would. My hair in general has changed so much since giving birth, I suppose from all the hormone changes. The hair that grows now is thinner and there is a lot more grey. I was relieved when the hair along my hairline began growing back but self-conscious of the fact that it was nearly entirely a different color. I know that it's so subtle that in most photos you can't tell, but it is much more red than the rest of my head and nearly entirely grey under the first layer. In my vanity I would take to plucking such offending hairs from my head but I'm not sure what good could come of that anymore. 

It's a funny thing how your hair could have such a large impact on how you feel about yourself and your appearance. It's one of the first things another person sees when greeting you and you can't help but be aware of that in my case. The new hairs growing in are unruly and unsure of which direction to grow. Most days I don't worry too much about it and just throw my hair up in a knot but on the occasion that I want to look nice, my hair can be a big source of frustration. Last Saturday was such an occasion and after I'd spent entirely too long trying to style it in a way that worked, I gave up and asked Ben to take these photos.
All this being said, I know that there are far worse things I could be dealing with and I also know that eventually my hair will grow to a much more manageable length. For now, I have found a couple temporary solutions that work for me, that I wanted to share for those going through this very thing. The first is wearing a wide headband. They're stylish and come in a wide variety of prints. The one I'm wearing here is from Mint and Arrows. I nearly always wear my hair up because Benjamin still pulls it constantly and the headband helps to hold down and hide the ends of those new baby hairs. I love that it's stretchy and can be tied to fit my head, which is too big for most standard headbands. If I do wear my hair down I almost always curl it with a curling wand which is what I did here. Giving my hair texture with either tight curls or waves helps to camouflage those tiny hairs. I'm definitely starting to feel better and more confident about my hair and appearance every day. Postpartum hair loss does suck but it's not forever, thank goodness!

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